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12 Things Every Man Secretly Wants In A Woman


12 Things Every Man Secretly Wants In A Woman

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This is the ultimate truth. Period.

They are poles apart in sense and sensibilities, each believing that they are the best. It is a never ending battle of the sexes but laugh as you may, they really do need each other to survive.

The common belief is that women are more vocal whereas men face problem expressing (blame the Patriarchy).

So, here are things that your man wants to but will never tell you!

1. Don’t Fake It

Men cannot stand pretense. They love honesty and they appreciate sincerity. If you try to fake something in front of your guy, be ready to lose them. Be yourself. Men respect the women who don’t shy away from opening up.

2. Step Up

Women linger around without confessing their feelings and want the man to take the first step always. They think men will judge them for being desperate or feel pressurized. This is definitely not true. Men admire women who know what they want and prefer women coming forward to express their love.

3. Sports

Let’s face it: men love sports. You cannot expect him to miss his football matches for you. This is why men love women who would go to the games with them without complaining and enjoy it just like them.

4. Say What You Think

Men do not like unnecessary complications. They hate overthinking and prefer to know the harsh truths. You don’t have to sugarcoat everything or shy away from saying what you think. Instead, just speak your mind out and say exactly what you think. They will respect that.

5. Be Natural

You may think that men want you to look like one of the Kardashians but that is not right. They appreciate anything natural. What can be more beautiful than bright eyes and a heartfelt laughter? Contouring doesn’t even compare.

6. Video Game Obsession

Hours spent playing video games with the beloved is literally every guy’s dream. So, if your hobby is gaming then you can steer away from a lot of conflicts.

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7. Bye Bye Melodrama

Men do not think too much (really, ask a guy what he will do the next day, you will understand). Women on the other hands have their lists made and fret when things aren’t going accordingly. Hence, The drama. Cut this off from your life girls to lead a very much simpler life.

8. Social Media Addiction

Men do not want a girl who will devote her time to her phone instead of him. Social media often sets unreal expectations and makes real life relationships more bitter. Don’t spend your whole time on social media and stop giving it so much significance.

9. Bring Out The Wanderer In You

Men mostly think they are the archetypal wanderer like Ulysses and want their partners to be the same. They wish to embark on expeditions to new, exciting, far off places and experience unique things. They love adventure sports like river rafting, bungee jumping and paragliding. Men expect women to share these thrilling moment’s with them.

10. Minding Your Own Business

We all have certain limitations. Men don’t enjoy sharing the details of their daily lives and believe in healthy boundaries. They will like someone who isn’t too nosy and respects their decision. Trust is the pivotal factor here.

11. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Guys hate monotony. They want a girl who will pep things up always. They will never admit, but seeing you getting dolled up for roleplay will fulfill all their desires. Men do enjoy when things are a little naughty.

12. Be The Relaxed Diva

They hate women who are hyper. Men are mostly laid back and want their women to enjoy the life with them instead of worrying 24/7. Men love women who are calm, composed, and follow their instinct.

Like they say, “Behind every successful man there is a woman“. Be yourself and do not try to mold the real you to fit in. Don’t forget that someone out there will feel blessed to have you in their life and to that person, you will be enough. Men appreciate honesty more than anything else. The right man will fall for you, regardless of your flaws.

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