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Kate Middleton Wears Historic Tiara Once Used By The Queen Mother – And It Carries A Hidden Message

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Kate Middleton Wears Historic Tiara Once Used By The Queen Mother – And It Carries A Hidden Message

At the various galas and receptions that the royal family attends, the ladies, in particular, are known to dress to impress.

Kate Middleton’s decision to dress more casually in her daily life has undoubtedly contributed to her fame as one of the most well-known members of the royal family.

The royal family’s attire is often more than just a fashion statement; it can also convey hidden meanings.

There have been multiple occurrences like this, the most recent of which occurred a few weeks ago.

Wearing a tiara that hadn’t been worn in decades, Kate attended the November state visit for President Yoon Suk Yeol and First Lady Kim Keon Hee of the Republic of Korea.

An authority has deduced a secret message from the fact that the Princess of Wales wore it.

Kate Middleton’s popularity has skyrocketed since she became a member of the royal family ten years ago.

Through her patronages and activities, the future queen of Wales has won the hearts of many. Her fashion choices have also been fairly revolutionary for royalty.

The combination of informal and formal elements, youthfulness and seriousness, and a combination of the earthy and the glamorous is what defines Kate Middleton’s style, according to Bethan Holt.

In an interview, the fashion editor said that Kate’s dedication to building relationships with designers—a “circle of people” she “really trusts”—is a big reason why her style and fashion will stay forever.

Kate Middleton – style & fashion

“Diana was often telling a story with her clothes, and she had a big evolution of her own personal life. Whereas the queen, the whole point of her is to remain basically the same,” Holt said. “The public mood now is much less towards wanting royals that are very distant in their palaces. People want to be able to relate, and I think the royals realize that clothing is a way that they can do it.”

Bethan Holt discussed the evolution of Kate’s style in an interview with Vanity Fair from a decade ago.

To her, the public has always been profoundly affected by the air of effortless elegance that Princess Diana and the late Queen Elizabeth II embodied. Like her last name, it helps others relate to her.

“Part of the appeal of Kate – and the royal family was obviously very conscious of this – is that she’s not a blue-blooded princess. I just love that her surname is Middleton – you know, like middle class. It couldn’t be more perfect,” Holt said.

“Her wearing high-street is a way for her to consistently remind people of that, and to show that she is one of us,” she added.

“There’s no better way than saying, hey, you can buy the same Zara jeans I’m wearing right now for £30. She’s had a lot of those [relatable] experiences. She went on a gap year, and she was a girl about town just after university. We saw those pictures of her having a job, and I think lots of women can relate to those things. She’s talked about mum guilt as well, and about the box sets they watch and what takeaway they get.”

A lot of people’s impressions of Kate have changed because she is now often seen in informal, daily clothes. “The Kate Effect” was even coined to describe the princess’s fashionable style, which helped propel her to icon status.

The mother-of-three’s easygoing style is popular with the general public, and style critics have analyzed her ensembles on multiple occasions.

Not because of the way things fit or the fact that certain shoes go with certain slacks, but rather because of the message that particular ensembles convey to certain demographics.

A deeper significance to her attire

That has occurred a great deal during the past ten years. The outfits Kate wears each day are obviously chosen with care and always serve a purpose.

At other times, though, her clothing have held secret meanings. Now we will examine a few instances.

Leaving the royal family for good was Harry and Meghan’s decision in 2021.

After relocating to Montecito, California from Canada, Kate has only had a few encounters with the couple since they left.

Rumor has it that her relationship with Meghan is in utter shambles, and the fact that the tie between Harry and William is so weak makes one wonder if the one between Harry and Kate is any better.

But when Harry and Meghan announced their separation from the royal family, something went wrong with Kate’s attire.

The now-Princess of Wales, Meghan, and the Queen all wore previously unseen beige attire to all of their official appearances.

Kate had typically sported brightly colored garments; nevertheless, despite the now-deceased Queen Elizabeth’s assertion that she disliked beige, she continued to wear it.

Am I missing something here? If you ask Elizabeth Holmes, an authority on royal matters, the answer is no.

Holmes said that the two senior members’ farewells were a sign of unity amid the monarchy’s difficult times.

“To have them in the same shade, I took very much to be a sign of unity,” Holmes said. “And then of course, [The Queen] issued her statement of support to the Sussexes on January 13. Kate in brown on Monday morning was interesting, too, after she had been roped into the coverage.”

“Kate wore two pieces of brown: a khaki coat and a brown turtleneck—both of which were very visible in the shoulders-up shot of her driving the kids to school. It could be a coincidence but I think perhaps not!”

Kate Middleton shows support through her clothing

The Princess of Wales wore a cream dress with a special detail another time when she accompanied Princess Anne to tour medical institutes that focus on maternal healthcare.

The clothing’s pockets included laces shaped like pineapples, which held symbolic significance.

The New York Times reports that “Pineapples have become a powerful symbol for women struggling with infertility. The fruit appears in the profile photos and Facebook feeds of women in online infertility communities.”

The US newspaper continued, “They are most widely known as a symbol of hospitality and welcoming. But on social media, pineapples are inextricably tied to infertility. On Instagram, the hashtag #PineappleTribe aims to connect women going through IVF.”

According to the Royal Insta Blog, which was quoted by Hello “Displaying or wearing the pineapple can represent a non-verbal communication of an enormous life event in common or be an active out loud shout of support to raise awareness and funding for the issue of infertility,” it read, as quoted by Hello.

Kate clearly wanted to let ladies who were having trouble conceiving know that she was there for them.

Kate has made numerous patronages in an effort to aid people with various struggles, including mental health.

To put an end to homelessness in the UK, her spouse, Prince William, has made it his mission. However, during the beginning of his campaign, Kate was subject to severe criticism over – you guessed it – her attire. Exactly why Kate Middleton is hiding her pink clothing from the world.

The clothes that Kate wears these days reflect a new trend and convey a new message.

Several times, the Princess of Wales has been seen wearing a pink ensemble.

These include opening the Young V&A at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London in late June, visiting the Foundling Museum in May, and, only days before, attending the 2023 Chelsea Flower Show. That occurred quite some time ago.

“Kate wants the public to know that she’s fun and kind”

The recent Barbie film’s enormous box office success may be a contributing factor, but there is another explanation.

There is significance to the color pink, as there is to every hue.

For instance, pink is linked to love, kindness, and femininity, while red is linked to confidence and bravery.

In regards to Kate’s pink ensembles, fashion expert Samantha Harman speculated that they may be the consequence of “a bit of unwanted publicity.”

On the other hand, the expert claims that it conveys a hidden message to the general audience.

“According to color psychology, which the royals do pay attention to, pink is fun, feminine, flirty and romantic,” Harman said. “Kate wants the public to know that she’s fun and kind, and while some might already think that about her, the pink outfits are showing that she’s letting loose a little bit.”

Miranda Holder, a royal fashion expert, speculates that Kate may be going for an amiable vibe by wearing pink.

“Every style decision, especially what it comes to Kate’s wardrobe, is absolutely considered and deliberate down to the color she wears,” Holder said and added that Kate wants to appear “softer and gentler.”

“[She is] just embracing this color, being fashionable at the moment and enjoying herself.”

At a state luncheon held at Buckingham Palace not long ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton were with other members of the royal family.

The state visit for President Yoon Suk Yeol and First Lady Kim Keon Hee included the appropriately attired royal family and 170 guests.

Kate sported an exquisite gown, but the most eye-catching accessory was an unusual tiara that the princess had never worn before.

The tiara has reportedly been hidden away for nearly eighty years, per the Mirror.

The Strathmore Rose tiara was last worn by the Queen Mother in the 1930s.

The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne had given it to her as a wedding present, and Kate became the second person in history to wear it, after the Queen Mother, when she appeared wearing it.

Not only does Kate look stunning in the tiara, but it also seems to have some symbolic significance.

Court jeweler Lauren Kiehna told People magazine that the Strathmore Rose is a symbol of Kate’s link to the late Queen Mother, who had a unique bond with King Charles, and that this pick shows her connection to the royal family.

“Kate has always signalled that she’d like to emulate the Queen Mother’s royal role and wearing her jewels is an important symbol of that continuity,” Kiehna said. “It’s fitting that Kate — likely with some assistance from King Charles — would choose to wear the tiara exactly a hundred years after the Queen Mother originally received it.”

When King Charles’s mother became queen, he was just three years old.

King Charles’s grandmother, the Queen Mother, became an integral part of his life due to her sudden necessity to travel the world and engage in official visits and state tours.

“She was really supportive”

Royally Obsessed podcast co-host Roberta Fiorito said that Queen Mother had a profound impact on King Charles and encouraged his appreciation of the arts, music, and the outdoors. Regrettably, she passed away in 2002 at the age of 101.

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“It seems like he felt that the Queen and Prince Philip were a little bit absent from his childhood, but he did have someone who really indulged his artistic side in the Queen Mother. She was really supportive of all that and we know now how that played out: he recites Shakespeare on the fly and loves painting and watercolours. So I think that came from her,” she said.

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