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My In-Laws Invited Us To A Fancy Restaurant, Slid The Bill To My Husband And Me To Pay

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My In-Laws Invited Us To A Fancy Restaurant, Slid The Bill To My Husband And Me To Pay

Despite issuing the dinner invitations, a woman’s in-laws made it seem like she and her husband were on the hook for the bill.

The woman’s inadvertent remark brought shame on her in-laws.

Having a nice dinner for loved ones is a wonderful way to celebrate a momentous occasion. However, one Reddit user detailed how her in-laws took advantage of her and her husband’s generosity and consistently expected them to foot the price.

She was made to look like the impolite daughter-in-law when she eventually brought up the subject. She managed to save their relationship, which was a blessing.

The 37-year-old wife and 40-year-old husband have taken to calling themselves “amateur foodies” after developing a penchant for dining at fine dining restaurants.

They are fortunate to have the means to dine at restaurants that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Their in-laws are invited to join them every three to four months on occasion. The pair not only pays for their parents’ meals, but they are also the ones who extend the invitations. On the other hand, the woman’s in-laws might have taken their actions the wrong way.

Her husband’s family invited them out to dinner once. The pair decided to explore a new eatery that happened to be close to their parents’ house.

Without giving it any thought, the woman assumed that her in-laws were just trying to satisfy their mutual interest in a variety of foods.

Showing Entitlement to Free Meals

Without even checking the total, the woman’s mother-in-law handed the bill to the woman’s husband as soon as it arrived after supper.

The spouse was taken aback, but he silently paid for the cheap supper. She, too, did not share her innermost ideas with anyone.

But her in-laws extended another invitation to a much fancier, if slightly expensive, eatery. Everyone was familiar with the price range since they had dined there before.

The bill was once again slid towards her husband by her mother-in-law.

At least this time, the lady was cognizant of what her mother-in-law was up to and strongly opposed it. Her in-laws always let her and her husband pay for everything, she said after a while.

Another Invitation to Eat Out

The woman’s husband informed his mom about her award-worthy work accomplishments one day. The mother-in-law immediately proposed a highly posh restaurant for their celebration.

The woman inquired, “Who’s paying?” when her husband informed her of the plan while they were still on the phone. She recounted:

“He ended the call quickly and called me rude. I told him I didn’t think we should have to pay every time his parents wanted to go to dinner and that they were using my award (which really wasn’t a big deal at all) to get a fancy night out.”

Since her husband’s family couldn’t afford to eat out every night, he reasoned that they could.

Her in-laws felt humiliated by the woman’s comment since it made them look like they were taking advantage of their son’s money.

They expected the woman to take responsibility and offer an apology. She was upset, but her husband recommended they go to the restaurant his folks liked so they could all stay calm.

A more appropriate celebration of his parents’ anniversary would be a dinner at a fine restaurant, according to the woman. Yet, the in-laws were already hungry and made unpleasant comments about wanting to divide the price.

Many Redditors took the woman’s side in the debate that ensued after her post. Subsequently, she elaborated that her husband had subsequently expressed regret and understood that his parents’ need for expensive dinners was unfair. On top of that, he said he reacted in a panicked state because he felt cornered.

The woman expressed her remorse for offending her parents, while her husband, who was their son, battled with their spoiled attitudes.

Nevertheless, everyone involved decided to postpone the dinner until the anniversary.

No invitations were extended, but the couple would still dine with the in-laws every three months.

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Is the woman’s decision to not foot the bill for her in-laws’ dinners justified? Did she not pay for them? Can you see yourself in the woman’s shoes?

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