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In One Minute Koko The Gorilla Reveals A Secret The Entire World Should Hear


In One Minute Koko The Gorilla Reveals A Secret The Entire World Should Hear

This gorilla has better understanding than humans of the havoc they have brought upon themselves.

When we talk about human history and how we came into being, the most commonly believed theory is that we have ancestral links with apes, monkeys and the kind. Scientists have proven their theories in favour of the argument as well as in denial. Whatever the relation maybe, resembles on DNA level is uncanny. Also, researches have concluded monkeys and apes to be capable of intelligence as close as humans. The gorilla in this video, Koko, supports these notions.

We all realize how green this earth used to be. We know the drawbacks to cutting down forests, building more industries, overpopulation and what not. We realize what adverse impacts it can have in the near future. Yet, we continue doing so in the name of progress and technological advancements.

Koko was a sound gorilla who passed away in 2018. Before he died, he made a very meaningful contribution to this world through this short clip. Not only did he raise awareness about the sign language, he also asked us to do something we should have already been working towards by now: saving the earth!

Yes, it might seem like something his trainers would have taught him but it doesn’t change the fact that the animal was smart enough to learn the sign language. They are intelligent species. Koko is expressing his love for the humans and the world – which seems pretty genuine to be honest. You might have to watch the video and judge for yourself.

It is sad how an animal understands more than we humans do. However, Koko being an animal, might have left a lasting impact on most people who watched him communicate in sign language. It is about time we work towards rectifying our mistakes. It is our home after all!

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Koko 1971 – 2018

Thank you Koko for spreading awareness of sign language, we will miss you.

Posted by on Thursday, June 21, 2018

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