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An Elephant Seeing The Ocean For The First Time Is All You Need To See Today


An Elephant Seeing The Ocean For The First Time Is All You Need To See Today

Who doesn’t like a good bathe on the beach – it’s relaxing and fun! Just as humans enjoy these moments, so do animals. Maybe we don’t understand the extent of animal feelings as much as we understand humans, but that doesn’t make them any less emotional. You can only imagine the extent to which animals are capable of showing emotions! Take, for an example, this video of an elephant relishing at the break of the waves of the ocean – how adorable!

Have you ever seen a child jump into the water and never seems to want to go out? Have you seen how happy he gets when he is playing in the water? Can you imagine the giggles and the smile on his face? Well, it is exactly what this fellow elephant is experiencing in the video. This lovable creature experience an open ocean for the first time and thus bathing in the ocean for the first time as well – won’t that automatically enhance the experience for the elephant? Definitely!

The joy and excitement of this elephant is ought to make you happy! Happiness like this is contagious – listen to the laughs of the man making the video. If anything, you would definitely notice yourself smiling ear to ear while watching the video. Yes, people have had mix opinions about it but shouldn’t we be seeing the broader picture here? Who knows what the background story is.

Anyways, it is always heart-warming to see animals have fun and play around like this elephant. It is simply delightful and you want to see them do more of such activities. Stand for Elephant is doing a really noble job by standing by these cute creatures. If they indulge in such practices often, it is commendable! You would surely like watching the video!

Thanks to Stand for Elephants for publishing this video!

Elephant Sees the Ocean

This video is about an fellow elephant seeing the ocean for the first time! There are no words to describe his joy!

Posted by Stand For Elephants on Saturday, August 20, 2016

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