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If You Do These 12 Things You Will Never Be Rich

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If You Do These 12 Things You Will Never Be Rich

Like so many other people of your generation, you have a five/six-day work week. You get to work at 9, slog till 2, manage to have a quick lunch and then the slogging begins again until 7 if you are lucky; if not, then well, who knows until what time you go on?

You repeat this routine for 22 days a month for a salary at the end of the line, and well, you try to be happy.

But is that salary enough? Do you think it is all you deserve for the amount of slogging you do?

Do you have dreams of a better life, which sadly necessitates the need for more money?

Well, you are not alone. Given the kind of corporate culture brewing nowadays, it is a sad state of affairs.

The corporate world needs cogs in its vast machinery and, well, young people need jobs to sustain lives.

The point is, sometimes the general attitude of young people needs to improve in order for them to achieve higher heights. Au contraire, it is sometimes the case that an attitude makeover makes them more pliable for adapting to the system and actually making a difference to their futures, faster.

Here are twelve ways that might help achieve those ends:

1. Underestimating your professional worth

You work hard and no one can take that away from you. It is a given habit among young individuals when they say things like “I am not good enough” or “there’s surely going to be people better than me in that interview there”.

Do not do that. In case you are having thoughts of inadequacy, clench your teeth and fight through them.

2. Do not work for free

Never do that. Experience is a thing, yes, but it doesn’t pay the bills nor does it keeps you out of your mother’s house.

Whatever you do, do it for some kind of payment, even if it is a token sum, take it with a smile on your face.

3. Have that promotion-related conversation

If you think that you have a promotion coming, it is of the essence to have that conversation at the ripe time. These things are highly dependent on the time the opportunity is sought and taken.

So, ‘carpe diem’! One awkward conversation might save you a lifetime of pain and meagre salaries.

4. Save time

If you can save yourself a trip and pay bills/get things you want online, take that option. Try and save time and be productive during that time, getting better at what you do. It is a quality-loving market; the better you become at what you do, the better opportunities will be there for you in the long run.

5. Presentee-ism

Show your superiors that you are available for work, if they deem fit, and if it helps the company. This show of enthusiasm shows that you actually care for the company and where it is going. And moreover, it shows conformism with the rest of your colleagues.

6. Looking for better opportunities

Do not just look for higher ranks in your own organisation; it is a tricky world out there and you never know where new opportunities erupt from.

Keep your eyes and ears open at all times for newer and better opportunities.

7. Asking yourself if you actually like the job you do

This is the million-dollar question for most young individuals. They are crammed into generic jobs thanks to the mill we call the system. But there are indeed rare cases when things are actually liked by the people doing them. But, without wasting time, you need to ask yourself that. If not, then you have your work cut out for you.

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8. Is money your only aim in life?

Is there nothing more to your life but money? You have to remember, that despite the things money buys for you, money is not and can never be a destination. At best, it is the bus you take to your destination.

The question to ask yourself is what do you actually want to do with your money, if and when you have enough of it? What will it be enough for?

9. Finding your threshold of an “okay” life

It is only when you know what you are saving/slogging for, that you give it your ultimate best.

10. Valuing your relationships

If you aren’t a contented and fulfilled individual inside, there is no way your mind will be able to take more and more mechanical labor. Your body needs its dopamine and your heart, company.

11. Physical appearance

Sadly enough, it is a shallow world out there; and it is quantifiable. The Universities of Harvard and Exeter found out once in a study that tall and skinny people earn more, statistically, than people who weigh more. Try taking care of your physical appearance.

12. Go out of your comfort zone

Multitasking is something that will give you an edge on your more complacent colleagues.

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