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How The Anxiety Blanket Helps Anxious People, According To Science


How The Anxiety Blanket Helps Anxious People, According To Science

It is indeed sad that we live in a world where anxiety is the norm and the rule. And, it doesn’t depend on the age of the person, which implies that even a 2 year-old kid can go through anxiety issues. This problem has several solutions, most of them being a visit to a therapist or taking drugs that somehow limit the expanses to which anxiety can veer.

But, latest technology, rather that the modern use of ancient technology, has brought us to something so innovative, and yet, so simple: “Anxiety Blankets”.

Anxiety blankets are, as the name suggests, blankets. Yet, they are somewhat different from normal blankets, for they aren’t made of cotton or wool. These blankets are usually made from fibers or plastics or rye pellets, and tend to be heavier than their woolen counterparts. 

Also, these are usually custom made, depending on the size and weight of the person using it. This gives it a feeling of individuality, which can be really appreciated under duress.

This anxiety blanket can be considered something of a boon in the present scenario, when people consume more Lithium tablets than ever and depression is on the rise.

How do these work?

Well, it is ironic that an anxiety blanket works exactly the way human beings should behave towards each other consensually. An anxiety blanket activates the DTP (Deep Touch Pressure), which gives one the feeling of being held closely, when one’s body temperature would help the other person feel wanted, loved, and valued. 

It all comes down to human values, and while an anxiety blanket could be a proper substitute for human interaction and intimacy, no one would probably think that a blanket can trump a human. Yet, in this fast-paced modern life, when people are constantly moving to and from, it is very hard to be close to anyone. And in this situation, anxiety blankets do play a huge role.

Let’s see some advantages of an anxiety blanket:

Helps in Alleviating Anxiety

A blanket which is heavier than conventional ones has been reported to be helpful in alleviating anxiety. According to a study, most people have claimed that the feel of something soft, yet heavy, reminded them of being held by close ones, which would obviously prevent anxiety from settling in. 78% people who used an anxiety blanket found it to be of the material equivalent to Xanax.

Helps One Fall Asleep

An anxiety blanket is an Insomniac’s dream. Since an anxiety blanket is considerably heavier than a normal blanket, the pressure it exerts on a body helps the body sleep. The science behind it is pretty simple – the weight of the blanket helps in the excess production of serotonin, which in turn regulates the melatonin levels in the body, thereby signaling the body to shut down.

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Helps in Decreasing Pre-Somnia Stress

This is indeed a real thing. With the formation of cortisol when we find ourselves in closed places, our body triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response, which, under heavy exercise is helpful, but not when you are trying to sleep. The excess of Cortisol can lead to an increase in blood-sugar levels, increase our heartbeat, and can induce dizziness. 

When the anxiety blanket is placed on us, we feel “grounded”, thereby not being able to produce the necessary cortisol required to fight our response to sleep.

Helps To Deal With ADHD

In this scenario, it is a bit different. From blankets, we move into vests, as children suffering from ADHD are given anxiety vests in schools. This helps the children focus and not suffer from attention disorder anymore. The principle behind this is again, the DTP, the touch that would ensure the children that everything is fine.

Helps Prevent OCD

Lastly, an anxiety blanket prevents OCD, by increasing the serotonin content in the body that allows the body to sleep without focusing on one particular thing.

It must be emphasized that nothing can ever substitute human intimacy. But, when there seems to be no way for that to be taking place, why not use what we have at our disposal? After all, it isn’t harming us in any way as it does not have any side-effects. Also, if it helps us sleep, all the more better!

If you are an anxious person and need help, do go for it once.

Featured Image source: Olga Shcherba ©

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