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10 Signs That You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize, According To Science


10 Signs That You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize, According To Science

One might boast highly about their intelligence based on their IQ. Some may have an IQ lesser than a few others but this doesn’t make them dumb at all.

Scientific studies have proved how incredible the human imagination and thinking capacity is. People often underestimate their intelligence due to ignorance or, in some cases, use it as an excuse of being humble.

Here are a few signs that show us the capacity of our knowledge. 

1. Swearing occasionally

Taboo as it may be regarded to be, science tries to stand by the fact that the more people swear while talking, the more knowledgeable they are supposed to be. It might sound harsh and make people feel uncomfortable, but it is indeed a sign of sheer knowledge and a keen understanding of things. This is because, apparently, swearing occasionally is only possible when there is a strong command over vocabulary, as mentioned in a study. At times, it is interesting to note that such people can name a larger spectrum of animals than the others. 

2. Prefer being messy

The more unorganized you are, the more intelligent you are supposed to be, says Kathleen Vohs. An experiment conducted by her on the uses of a ball proved the mentioned statement. Often, the most creative ideas are a result of the messiest people. Organized people fall back upon generalized ideas. 

3. Talking to yourself

It might seem absurd, but a lot of people actually talk to themselves when they are alone. This is again considered to be a sign of wit and boosts the grey cells to work actively, says Paloma Mari-Beffa. It is noticed that people who do so have better control over their actions and thoughts than the rest. Self-introspection helps them realize their flaws and strengths. As such, they are able to coordinate their imagination in a more profound manner. 

4. Insomnia

Though considered bad for health, staying up late at night might actually help one think more. The article published in Psychology Today states the same. The more silent and calm the ambience tends to become, the better one gets time to think in solitude. Even children who read late at night have a sharper memory with better retentive capacity than the rest. This also marks their IQ, as the ones with the tendency of sleeping early have lesser IQ than the ones who sleep late at night. 

5. Skeptical about your smartness

A study of psychology, known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, mentions how people’s ignorance is reflected by their activities. Often, people who are actually dumb think themselves to be smarter than the rest. On the contrary, truly intellectual people are aware of their flaws and do not boast about themselves. Such a distinction is also visible between performers of refined and poor quality. If you think that you are actually less intelligent compared to the rest, you actually tend to have more knowledge about things compared to them. 

6. Cat lovers

It sounds incredibly funny, but another study proves that cat lovers are supposed to have better intelligence than others. Surveys that have been conducted on students on basis of their preferences among animals showed that the ones who preferred cats over others were the ones who were non-orthodox and susceptible to changes. They know the survival tricks more than anyone else. 

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7. Lefties 

According to a certain study, people who are left-handed have better cognition than the right-handed ones. Psychological studies have tried to show that lefties have a better thinking capacity and are smooth learners. They are also creative and come up with innovative ideas. Academically too, they might have a higher percentage than the rest.

8. You get easily freaked out

People who worry more than the rest tend to have stronger imaginative capacity due to over-thinking. Alexander Penney discusses about the relationship between an individual’s wit and the amount to which he worries about things. Worrying makes people have an idea about a lot of things at the same time. People who worry a lot tend to have better verbal intelligence skills. Worrying is a sign of intelligent minds, shows a particular research.

9. You have a keen interest in music

Music is the most soothing and intriguing habit that one could attach oneself to. It helps develop our thoughts and imagination in the best possible ways. Small kids who are a part of music classes have better IQ than other children of the same age who have no such links with practicing music. For example, Glenn Schellenberg had a better IQ due to his music lessons. It helps garner more languages in a lesser hectic way. 

10. Oldest in the group

A very obvious thing is your age. The older you are, the smarter you are supposed to be than the ones that are younger. ScienceMag shows how elder siblings are smarter than the younger ones. Eldest members of the family have more knowledge due to experience and study. 

So, do you exhibit any of these traits?

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