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If The Woman You Are With Has Half Of These 14 Qualities, Marry Her


If The Woman You Are With Has Half Of These 14 Qualities, Marry Her

YNot only women, but men are also unsure of their relationships. Even they ponder upon questions like whether this would stay, whether I should marry her and stuff like that. This list is meant to make that process easier for you.

If you love a woman who has even half of these 14 qualities, you’d do good to marry her.

1. Smarter than yourself

If the woman you are with is more intelligent and smarter than you, it’s a great thing. Men commonly make the mistake of seeing this as a threat but, in fact, it is not. There is nothing better than to be able to learn from your partner.

2. Honesty

If she always tells you the truth, even when it hurts your feelings, it’s a sign that she respects you for who you are. She recognizes that you aren’t a kid who needs to be soothed with comforting lies.

3. Optimistic

In the times we live in, it is quite difficult to approach life positively. There are simply too many bad things going in and around our lives. Amidst all of that, a person who is infectiously optimistic is indeed strong at heart. Her positive energy will make your life better as well.

4. Accommodating

Only a mature woman will recognize the fact that she needs to make room for you in her life in order to make the relationship work. If she accommodates you, she is the right one for you.

5. Humorous

It’s always desirable that your partner has a good sense of humor. If she does, your life will be full of hearty laughter and, hey, who doesn’t know that it’s a good thing!

6. Frank

A person who is frank and broad-minded is always open to learning new things in life. Such people are very easy to get along with as they are tolerant towards other people’s views and opinions. She’ll at least listen to you even if you have disagreements.

7. Has ambitions in life

If the person you love has ambitions and dreams in life, it means that she’d go for it and wouldn’t settle with mediocrity. She would be hard working, creative, and ready to think outside of the box. In turn, she would also inspire you to do the same and help you progress in life.

8. Has a good relationship with her parents

People having issues with their parents are mostly emotionally deranged and it is very difficult to be with them. On the contrary, if her relationship with her parents has been good, she’d know how to make family life fulfilling.

9. Kind and generous

People with genuine kindness are not easy to find these days. So, if you find someone who is truly generous and good to others, stick to that person.

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10. Has a cool head

A woman who is not overwhelmed by her emotions is indeed a mature one. She analyses everything and knows when to say what. She also has the ability to pacify tense and difficult situations. This is very essential in order to be able to actually resolve any argument that the two of you might have.

11. Is at ease with you

Although she is otherwise a serious and reserved person when it comes to work, she can stop caring and be herself when she’s with you. This means that she is comfortable in your company and this is something very important.

12. Isn’t limited by the relationship

A strong woman’s life would not be exhausted by her relationship with you. She’d have a life of her own beyond the relationship and would not look up to the relationship for solving all her problems.

13. Accepts your shortcomings

Knowing fully well what you can and what you cannot do, she’d forgive you and help you when you make mistakes. She won’t judge you or blame you for things which are in fact beyond your control. She’d also not expect more than you can give.

14. Has no baggage

A woman who doesn’t hold on to her grudges for a long time is a mature woman. The arguments that you have are not used against you at a later date.

However, even after all that, you must also remember that a relationship is a two-way street and you’d have to actively do certain things to make it work. It doesn’t only depend on the qualities of the woman you love.

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