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12 Signs of Toxic Partner Who Will Rob You of Your Happiness


12 Signs of Toxic Partner Who Will Rob You of Your Happiness

Love comes rushing and unannounced but, during that hurricane of unexpected feelings, you must make sure to look for these habits in your partner before your relationship gets more serious and it becomes impossible to back off.

Because, there are some habits which may cause difficulties later in life and make it impossible for you to adjust accordingly and, metaphorically speaking, you will be left to pay all the fines.

1. They don’t let you access their phone

This is most certainly because they are hiding something, not because they believe in personal boundaries. If they have secrets you cannot know about, it is not worth inviting them into your life with open arms.

2. They don’t give you out details

If you ask them where they had been for the night, they will give an evasive or blurry answer and try to change the topic. This is fishy behavior and the kind you must not accept.

3. They change their story every time

If they give a different answer to the same question at different intervals, they are lying or hiding something from you. This is a red flag situation that must be dealt with utmost caution.

4. They make you go through negative emotions

If your partner makes you feel bad about your past or the way you are, break up with them and move on. Be with someone who accepts you completely with utmost honesty.

5. Your personal space makes them angry

Everyone needs their personal space once in a while. If your partner is too clingy and gets upset when you want to retreat, it is their problem to deal with and you must not feel like you are the cause for their hurt.

6. They don’t take you out on dates or buy you gifts

This is by no intention saying that you should be with a guy who spends millions on you. But be with someone who takes enough time out for you to go on a walk to a park alone or buys you flowers as a simple gesture. Because in the end, it’s the little things that matter.

7. They hate your friends or family

Many people often let this factor go and, in the long run, it causes detachment with other loved ones in their life and causes complete dependence on their partner, which is not a healthy thing to live with. You and your partner must be capable of maintaining good sociable relation with those around you.

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8. They have double standards

If they are doing something and not allowing you to do the same, this is a big issue. You must stand up for what you know you are worth and fight them for your rights. If the relationship cannot be based on mutual respect and understanding, it should not exist at all.

9. They expect you to correct their mistakes

Every human is responsible to shoulder their own burdens. It is not uncommon for lovers to share their burdens but, expecting the other person to completely take care of your issues, is not a healthy thing. Everyone has enough of their own things to deal with.

10. They are flirtatious in general

This screams trouble. This is a general playboy attitude and, even if you are fine with it and take it as a harmless thing at first, it will start bothering you as the relationship starts getting serious. Either talk to your partner about it and if they are willing to change themselves for you, good. Otherwise, it is time to say goodbye for your own sake.

11. They are not willing to expose your relationship in public

If you feel like you have been with them for long enough and yet they are reluctant when it comes to telling their friends and family about the relationship, something is fishy. Walk out that door right away.

12. You don’t feel like a priority in their life

If you feel it, it is probably true. People only overthink about the things they feel strongly about. If they have a better attitude towards others in general and act like rotten fish to you, or if they are never late to their game with buddies yet always late on your date, it is your cue to walk out.

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