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If Someone You Know Does These Things, They’re Probably A Narcissist

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If Someone You Know Does These Things, They’re Probably A Narcissist

There are all types of people in your circle. How do you know if one of them is a narcissist? Well, before you know the signs a narcissist will display, let’s see what a narcissist is.

A narcissist is someone who seeks gratification from vanity or egoistic approval of one’s idealized self-image and attribute. They are overly self-involved, selfish and futile. Moreover, they can be really manipulative, boastful and demanding. These narcissistic tendencies range along a continuum, expanding from an extra-healthy ego to pathological splendor. You will feel a certain way around them.

Now, if you notice these 5 signs in anyone around you, know that they are a victim of narcissism.

1. They need be the focus of everyone’s attention

There are some people who like to be the center of attention. But with narcissists, this isn’t just some want but a NEED to be the center. They can’t really stand if someone else shines in the limelight when they are present.

So, if you know someone who only talks about themselves and their accomplishments, you are certainly dealing with a narcissist. Everything will be about them and, if you mention something else or someone else, it would agitate them.

2. They manipulate and use other people

Narcissistic people are purely insensitive. They do not care about anyone else other than themselves. Do you know someone in your circle who borrows things and never returns? Or someone who once borrowed money from you and failed to repay the debt?

Such people do not even honor promises and you will frequently find them breaking promises and forgoing the obligations. They are one of the least considerate kind of people who would show little or no repentance for their behavior towards others. If you know someone who fulfills all these attributes, you know who they are now.

3. They carry a persuasive and charismatic personality

You know how we appear better to hide the flaws? How we cover our shortcomings by excelling in another domain? Narcissists use there charismatic charms and personality to compensate for the inadequacies in their life and personality.

Such people will be immensely sweet to you, making you feel very special if they are interested in you. However, it will be for their own gratification. Once you do not fulfill their satisfaction, they will toss you aside like you never existed! They can be deceiving with their sociable attitude and persuasive personality. You will only know their true colors when you no longer serve a purpose in their life.

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4. They are super manipulative

Narcissists are highly capable of manipulation. It isn’t uncommon for them to use their romantic partner or any other acquaintance for their own selfish and unreasonable purposes, to gratify their shortcomings. We do seek help from others and it is okay to assist someone in need. But for a narcissist, it is beyond the usual help and one can easily deem it pathological, the way they exploit others.

They will make use of tactics which will cause guilt, shame and self-doubt in you, compelling you to do as they ask and make unnecessary sacrifices for them. It is the extent of their manipulation. They will use you at the expense of your psychological well-being and also leave you with mixed, unexplained wave of emotions.

5. They have negative vibes

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt alive? It’s almost like they pumped their energy into you. Then, there are some people who make you feel low-spirited in their presence. Narcissists are one of those who give out such vibes. They spread a lot of negativity around them. Since they want to be the focus of attention, they will belittle everyone else.

It is safe to say that one of the supplies for their narcissism is the negativity they blow-out. Since they easily get upset at the slightest inattentiveness and are highly sensitive to criticism, indulgence in any of the two will end up in a cold, hurtful remark from them. They will make you feel bad so that they can feel better about themselves.

Now that you have seen how you would know if you have a narcissist in your life, you would know of who to steer clear. They are the kind of people who are in desperate need of help!

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