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11 Traits of An Unforgettable Woman

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11 Traits of An Unforgettable Woman

What would you say makes a woman beautiful? Most people will say it’s her appearance. Some will argue it’s the way she carries herself. Only a handful of people will say that the true beauty of a woman lies in her soul – the soul which is evident through her eyes. These handful of people are indeed correct!

Despite how people see a woman’s beauty, there are plenty of amazing women out there. Some of them have found their soulmate while some still struggle. How is it that someone so beautiful is single?

Well, these women carry a good heart and are very trusting. It is why they are often exploited, hurt and broken. They become tired of dating because they have had too many mediocre men breaking their hearts and trust.

So, what makes a woman so unforgettable? She will be carrying these 11 traits!

1. Your Kindness

Kindness is a trait which goes a long way with you and your image. People will always remember how you treated them with your friendliness, consideration and generosity. You are always remembered and loved by those whose lives you have touched.

2. Your Independence

Being enough for yourself is something which will attract others towards you. If you have found the right person, they will certainly fall for your independent nature. It is something when you see yourself as a unique self and not as someone your partner sees.

3. Your Selflessness

A striking woman will always give you way more than she receives. In fact, she is least concerned with what she gets but is always willing to help others. Recall an influential woman in your life. How many times has she put others before herself? Being selfless is a highly unforgettable trait of a ravishing woman.

4. Your Grace

Do you remember Princess Diana? She was truly an embodiment of elegance and class. She is the kind of woman people don’t forget – woman who knows how to carry herself with grace. A remarkable woman personifies humility and grace.

5. Your Passion

People find your zeal commendable! It is one of the most attractive attributes you carry. When you are passionate about something, your excitement shows on your face like a glow. We find it admirable that you seek passion in everything, irrespective how big or how small.

6. Your Support

People remember those who have been there for them. Remember, your support never feigns. If you have had someone’s back, it will come back to you some way or the other.

7. Your Insight

An unforgettable woman is capable of exceptional insight – she will sense who you are even when you don’t even really know yourself. Your wisdom is something people appreciate and look forward to.

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8. Your Energy

When you are a woman of remarkable stature, you will always give out positive energy which will compel others towards you. People admire the zeal with which you deal with the world. You don’t necessarily have to be very loud all the time but your wonderful energy will reach out to others. You are always there when people feel down, helping them lift their spirits!

9. Your Honesty

Yes, you are incredibly sweet but you don’t fail to express your sourness when someone acts foolish or mistakes your kindness for weakness. You know when to stand up for yourself. You aren’t rude but convey the message in a balance, with a mix of sweet and sour.

10. Your Persistence

This world can be very molding, effecting you every step of the way. But your perseverance and persistence is something people admire a lot. It isn’t easy and your determination inspires others. It is a quality which truly makes you unforgettable!

11. Your Love

Love is something which melts even the hardest of hearts! So if you have ever shown even the slightest of expression of love towards someone, listened to them or told them what they needed to hear, you have left a lasting impression on them. A small gesture of love embarks on others’ lives!

You are strong. You are loved. You are wonderful. And you are unforgettable!

This incredible image was originally taken from Sean Archer/500px

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