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10 Qualities in a Strong Woman Most Men Can’t Handle


10 Qualities in a Strong Woman Most Men Can’t Handle

“Men themselves have wondered. What they see in me.
They try so much, But they can’t touch
My inner mystery.

I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” – Maya Angelou

This is every strong woman’s anthem. She is the dream of a balanced man and nightmare for a weak one. She is simply charming and every man wants her, although not many find the courage to pop the question. You may ask why – it’s because they are intimidated by her “inner mystery”.

Strong women stand out without any effort because they are a million things all at once; they are sensitive yet stern, bold yet mild, rude yet empathetic, they are a synthesis of endless contradictions and that is what makes them unique.

Here are certain qualities she possesses:

1. She Is A Lone Wolf

A strong woman is definitely not into dilly-dallying. She is a warrior who loves fighting her own battles. She doesn’t need anyone’s help and takes charge of her life. She relies on her skills to get her way through tough times. She wants her man to give the same amount of effort into the relationship. If you’re not taking it seriously, don’t expect her to go out of her way to keep you happy.

2. She Knows What She Needs And Will Get It

She does not look at the world through rose tinted glasses and calls a spade a spade. She has invested time to know herself completely and hence can be sure about her dreams and desires. She is never disillusioned and wants to achieve her goals all by herself. She won’t seek help.

3. Honesty And Vulnerability Will Earn Her Respect

She knows how difficult it is to shed all inhibitions and be vulnerable; this is why she appreciates it. It shows you value her. Also, she is all for brutal honesty as she adheres to it. She respects men who are not afraid to be real, sensitive and blatantly honest.

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4. She Will Be Intimate Only If She Wants to

The surest way to lose a strong woman is to force her. She is not there to fulfill your needs but to have a good time. When she finds a man is genuine, she will give herself without flinching, but if you raise a speck of doubt in her, she will not even give it a shot. She is true to herself and will not move away from her principles.

5. She Has An Eye For Lies

You can call her a human lie-detector but nothing fake escapes her glance. She simply detests pretence and will cut you out of her life for doing so. Her wrath is something you do not want to incur, so be real.

6. Integrity, Respect And Consistency

She knows her worth and won’t let anyone treat her bad ever. If you act all distant, be sure not to see her again. Treat her with respect and you will have the time of your life.

7. Intensity Is Both A Blessing And A Curse

She feels things deeply. A strong woman is often difficult to handle as she sees things passionately. She has strong opinions about everything and loves expressing them. She has triumphed over several trials and tribulations and is proud of herself. Her intense ideologies and her open-book nature may be a bit too much for some men.

8. She Knows Her Worth

She even knows your worth and will leave no stone unturned to keep you happy only if you reciprocate. Relationships are all about mutual trust and understanding. She does not believe in blame-games and will walk out if you are inconsistent. She values integrity over anything else.

9. She Is Capable Of Unconditional Love

She is an ‘all or nothing’ kind of woman and is not afraid to put everything at stake for love. She is loyal and expects you to be faithful. While you’re around her, you are bound to feel the positivity radiating from her. She is a blessing.

10. She Is Like An Epiphany

Some people bring out the best in you. A strong woman will inspire you to broaden your horizon and explore. She will help you rediscover yourself and analyze you at the same time. All this is too much for an insecure man to deal with, but a man with integrity and respect will know what a treasure she is.

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