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Strengths and Weaknesses Of INFJ, World’s Rarest Personality Type

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Strengths and Weaknesses Of INFJ, World’s Rarest Personality Type

This is one of the 16 personality types, under the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Under Carl Jung’s theory of psychoanalysis, this assessment was chalked upon. “Jung proposed a psychological typology based on the theories of cognitive functions that he developed through his clinical observations”.

INFJ is one of the rarest personality types, with the percentage of population being 1-3%. They are independent and wish for an environment which would allow them to grow their cognitive abilities completely. They expect themselves to rise above the population, and get crushed when they seem to strike failure.



They might not be the best rocket scientists on earth or the best metallurgical scientists, but they know human psychology well. They use their creative skills, along with a vivid imagination, to solve problems. So, they make for good career counselors, advisers, and psychiatrists.


They are insightful, and they really like knowing someone deeply, going underneath their soul, and truly understanding them. This is important in the present generation, where people are all about superficiality. They go beyond the exterior, and connect events and humans together, which allows them to get to the heart of the matter.


INFJs are good orators when it comes to talking about stuff that they like, and are proud of. They also make good writers because they have in them the skill to appeal to the reader’s psyche that in turn leads them to think in the way the INFJ person wants them to.


They make and take good decisions. Due to their creative skills, ability to inspire and convince, they are able to follow through with their ideas, without hesitating or doubting their own capabilities. They might not have a clear idea of the future, but they know better than to ignore their insights.


INFJ believe that their skills are always used for the advancement of the society and can never be used for ulterior motives. They don’t believe in advancing themselves, but believe in advancing the society as a whole.



They are extremely sensitive to criticism, and always want to put their opinion over others, regardless of the time and place. They would definitely put you on their ‘list’ if you dared to go against them or questioned their ideas.


They are extremely private and keep to themselves under any situation. They believe in Max Stirner’s theory that human beings are just an idea. Coupled with that would be the fact that they find it extremely tough to trust people and friends.

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INFJs are perfectionists, and cannot stand anything that is less than perfect. They would toil through the sun, trying again and again to make something perfect, and when it would fail, they would be in their worst temper, blaming everything and everyone.

Low on energy

They might be enthusiastic about something, but at the end of the day, they are extremely low on concentration and would never spend a lot of time on something, especially when they won’t see the results swiftly. This makes them inconsistent. And that is exactly why so many of their brainstormed ideas fail.


They are always tired, because they take it upon themselves to fix everything, without knowing that it might take a toll on their spirits. Owing to the fact that they are extremely private, they also don’t take help from anyone, and try working out everything on their own, which only adds to the problem.


They need to have a destination in mind. The journey doesn’t inspire them – the bull’s eye does. So when they find their goals hidden behind a shroud, they get completely unfocused and start losing their zeal, and thus end up losing the entire plan. This gets tough on them and leads to them being depressed and bitter.

Image was originally taken by Maja Topčagić

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