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According to a Harvard Psychologist These Are The Essential Keys to a Successful Long-Term Relationship


According to a Harvard Psychologist These Are The Essential Keys to a Successful Long-Term Relationship

People come into a relationship in order to make it a long lasting one, to live, share and enjoy the best moments of their life together.

The Epstein Love Competencies Inventory, designed by an American psychologist, Dr. Robert Epstein, is an important cornerstone for the success of a healthy long-term relationship. The design is a test to find out the key elements necessary for a relationship to last long. Some of them are listed below:

1. Good communication

It is not just talking to the person, but also being a patient listener to them when they are talking to you to facilitates better exchange of ideas. 

2. Resolving unnecessary conflicts

Clinging on to the bitter things will make things impossible to deal with. It is better to forgive and let time be the best healer. 

3. Knowing what the other likes

Having an idea of your partner in terms of his needs, desires, and preferences are beneficial for the relationship. Knowing each other is the first thing that is expected in a relationship. 

4. Being self-sufficient

It is necessary to know yourself before knowing others. This means you should have a clear idea about your positive aspects, your pet peeves, the things you feel comfortable in and your goal, the most important of all.

5. Don’t forget to be romantic

Despite how busy your schedule is, try to take out at least an hour for your partner. Take care to have your intimate time in mind, for that time is special to both of you. 

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6. Do not be stressed

Stress destroys every single ounce of happiness or sanity one ought to get in life. Take care not to fall prey to it. If needed, meditate or talk to people more and have a clear mind. Try to relax as much as possible. 

Among the above mentioned points, a study showed that keen knowledge and understanding of the partner and transparent communication is very essential.

The test garnered responses of thousands of individuals throughout the world. The participants belonged to various age groups and sexes. And this determined the results as well.

For example, communication skills along with intimacy and knowledge were higher among women compared to men. While, men had better score in self-sufficiency and stress management. 

Age of the participants also influenced the same. People belonging to the middle age had better conflict resolution and self-sufficiency skills.

Communication was high among youth and young adults. Thus, for a relationship to last longer, proper communication is very necessary.

Knowing your partner is needed in all layers of life. Only then will your relationship bloom like never before.

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