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Friends Castmates Reportedly Interested In Adopting Perry’s Dog After The Actor’s Death

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Friends Castmates Reportedly Interested In Adopting Perry’s Dog After The Actor’s Death

Matthew Perry died this weekend at the age of 54. His fans all over the world are sad.

Perry was best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the long-running and popular comedy Friends. He was close with his co-stars and was known for being funny.

Now, after Perry’s death, one of his Friends co-stars is said to want to take the actor’s dog.

There are many sad things about Matthew Perry’s death, like the fact that he left behind his cute dog Alfred.

Perry first showed off his doodle mix pet in an Instagram post that made fans fall in love with him: “Who’s cuter?”They wrote, “Don’t answer that.”

We are sure that Alfred will miss his owner when he dies.

A dog’s emotional intelligence is very high, and it seems to know when its owner has died—sometimes it even cries at the cemetery.

Alfred’s caretaker after Perry’s death isn’t clear, but one of Perry’s Friends co-stars wants to take the dog in.

A source close to Lisa Kudrow told The Daily Mail that she wants to adopt Alfred after Perry’s funeral. Kudrow played Phoebe on the show.

“Lisa and cast will all be attending his services. Lisa is also considering taking in his beloved dog Alfred,” the source said.

People also said that Kudrow was “baffled” by Perry’s death.

The actor had problems with booze and drug addiction for most of his career, but he had been clean for a few years now.

Perry’s body was discovered in his hot tub. Police did find prescription drugs like antidepressants and anxiety medicines at the scene, but no illegal drugs.

Even though the official cause of death has not been released, his co-stars are said to think that they may have played a part.

“Although no one wants to believe it was medication – prescribed or not – of course that is a thought in their minds,” the source told Daily Mail. “They are thinking he must have taken something that did not mix with the warm water.”

The group of Friends were very close friends on and off the set, and Perry’s co-stars were there for him when he was struggling with drug abuse.

“It’s a hideous disease, and he has a tough version of it,” Kudrow told the New York Times last year. “What’s not changing is his will to keep going, keep fighting and keep living.”

“I love Matthew a lot. We’re part of a family. I’m basically ending this with ‘I’ll be there for you,’ but it’s true. I’ll always be there for him.”

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It’s not official yet if Kudrow will adopt Alfred, but making sure his dog is okay would be a nice way to remember her Friends co-star.

Matthew Perry, rest in peace.

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