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How Matthew Perry Wanted To Be Remembered Will Break Your Heart

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How Matthew Perry Wanted To Be Remembered Will Break Your Heart

Matthew Perry once said that he wanted people to remember him after he died.

This comment has now gone viral. He died on October 28.

He was found dead in his home in Los Angeles, and it was said that he had drowned.

Matthew Perry’s death made Friends fans remember their favorite scenes and quotes from the show.

Now, a part of his book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, which came out in 2022, has gone viral.

Matthew talked about how he wants to be remembered in the clip.

When asked about the hard times he’s been through, the 17 Again star said, “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life. I’m still working through it personally, but the best thing about me is that if an alcoholic or drug addict comes up to me and says, ‘Will you help me?’ I will always say ‘Yes, I know how to do that. I will do that for you, even if I can’t always do it myself.’ So I do that, whenever I can. In groups, or one on one.”

“And I created the Perry House in Malibu, a sober-living facility for men. I also wrote my play The End of Longing, which is a personal message to the world, an exaggerated form of me as a drunk. I had something important to say to people like me, and to people who love people like me,” Matthew added.

“When I die, I know people will talk about Friends, Friends, Friends. And I’m glad of that, happy I’ve done some solid work as an actor, as well as given people multiple chances to make fun of my struggles on the world wide web… But when I die, as far as my so-called accomplishments go, it would be nice if Friends were listed far behind the things I did to try to help other people. I know it won’t happen, but it would be nice,” he wrote.

TMZ broke the shocking news of his death first, and then the Los Angeles Times did as well.

Reports say that Matthew’s body was found at his home in Los Angeles on October 28th, Saturday night.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to the New York Post that a man in his 50s had died at Matthew’s home. They wouldn’t confirm the name, though.

They said in a statement, “We responded to the 1800 block of Blue Sail Rd for a death investigation on a male 4:10 p.m. this afternoon. He was in his 50s.”

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There were no signs of foul play, and no drugs were found at the scene. It was said that the home had a cardiac arrest and that the first rescuers were called.

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