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Doctors Ask Husband To “Pull The Cord”, But He Refuses: Now Millions Are Inspired By Her

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Doctors Ask Husband To “Pull The Cord”, But He Refuses: Now Millions Are Inspired By Her

A madman opened fire on a large crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 1, 2017, altering the course of thousands of people’s lives.

There were 48 fatalities and 851 injuries. We will carry the psychological and emotional wounds of that day for a very long time.

Jovanna Calzadillas was one of the victims. The 30-year-old mom and her husband, Francisco ‘Frank’ Calzadillas, were in the audience when the shooting began.

As terror spread across the gathering. After being shot in the head, Jovanna collapsed to the floor.

Jovanna was rushed to the emergency room, but the medical staff there did not hold out much hope for her recovery.

She needed immediate medical attention after being shot in the head. Frank, her husband, was in such a dire situation that he had to start planning for the future without her. He was already in a bad position, but the physicians’ advice to “pull the chord” just made matters worse.

This nightmare situation devastated Frank.

In contrast, one night the tide turned. In his dream, his wife came up to him and assured him that everything would be okay.

Frank’s decision to not turn off Jovana’s respirator had already been made when he woke up. He would always hold out hope that his wife might change.

Jovanna’s miraculous recovery defied all expectations. The sudden occurrence even surprised the doctors.

“Her shot injury was difficult, but we prayed and hoped and then she woke up,” Frank, an officer with the Salt River Police Department in Arizona, said.

Jovanna worked tirelessly for months after the Las Vegas shooting to rebuild her life.

(Facebook photo) Jovanna and her pals barely hours before the attack.

Jovanna was motivated to get better for herself and her family, even though she knew it would be difficult and frustrating.

Jovanna has come out with her unbelievable account after she woke up.

She keeps talking honestly about her emotions and her steps toward returning to regular life, despite the fact that confronting her demons from the past is never easy.

Wow. What can I say but wow. I was really moved by today’s meeting with Jovanna Calzadillas. Doctors had written her out less than four months ago.

“Some of me disappeared that night on October 1,” she says. “Even though I will not be the same old Jovanna, I will come back stronger.”

“I will fight for them,” adds Jovanna, referring to her family. “And I will not stop believing in myself.”

Her inspiring words have reached people all across the world who are dealing with the aftermath of tragedies like the one in Las Vegas.

Jovanna with her friends, just hours before the attack (Photo: Facebook)

“We will not let people like him [the shooter] win,” she says. “And we will not live in fear”.

It takes incredible bravery for Jovanna to speak out in public while she is still recovering. Her words are encouraging others who were affected by the incident to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives.

Her bravery and perseverance serve as an uplifting reminder that we may triumph over adversity in any situation.

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No matter what challenges we face, we must never stop fighting for what is right and what we believe in.

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