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At Her Husband’s Funeral, Wife Leans In To Say Final Goodbye And Almost Faints

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At Her Husband’s Funeral, Wife Leans In To Say Final Goodbye And Almost Faints

Nothing can really ready you for the profound loss that comes with grieving a loved one’s death.

And yet, all might change in an instant if a strange coincidence occurs at their funeral.

While Nola Swart’s husband Fred went fishing at a cabin with his best friend, Nola and their daughter spent the weekend together.

When her phone rang, the two were in the midst of baking cookies. The number belonged to her husband, but when she answered, she heard James, her husband’s friend.

When Nola asked James what was going on, he revealed that Fred had been killed in an accident.

“No! Stop it, James! This is a bad joke. Stop!” Nola shrieked. However, she knew in her gut that James wouldn’t lie about something so serious.

Since they were in the first grade, he and Fred had been inseparable.

Nola, in a daze, called her mother to have her watch her daughter Kelly for the two hours it would take to drive to the coroner’s office.

A huge heart attack, the coroner told Nola and James, was likely what killed Fred instantly. Nola promptly rejected his suggestion that a pathologist do an autopsy to find out more.

She was horrified at the prospect of her husband’s body being dismembered.

Watch the whole video that Wonderbot uploaded to see what happened when Nola went up to say goodbye to her husband at the open-casket funeral and he started blinking his eyes at her.

While we can’t guarantee the accuracy of the narrative here, we’re confident you’ll be amazed by it!

All of us need a reprieve from the relentless stream of bad news!

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