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No One Helped The Only Lady For An Hour Until One Man Stopped

Off The Record

No One Helped The Only Lady For An Hour Until One Man Stopped

In the early evening, a man noticed an elderly woman standing by the side of the road and realized she needed assistance. Therefore, he stopped his car in front of her Mercedes and stepped out. When he walked up to her, his Pontiac was still sputtering.

She was concerned despite his cheerful demeanor. For the past hour, no one has offered assistance. Did he intend to harm her?

He didn’t seem secure; instead, he radiated poverty and hunger. He could tell by the way she stood shivering in the snow that she was afraid.

He could empathize with her situation. It was the kind of coldness that only terror can cause. “I’m here to help you, ma’am,” he greeted the woman.

If you have to wait, you might as well stay in the toasty car. My name is Bryan Anderson!

She only had a flat tire, but for an elderly lady, that was a major problem.

Bryan skinned his knuckles a few times as he crawled beneath the car seeking for a place to put the jack. He was able to get the tire changed quickly. His hands hurt and he had to get dirty.

She pulled down the window and started talking to him as he was retightening the lug nuts.

She informed him that she was a temporary resident from nearby St. Louis. She felt indebted to him for saving her life.

Bryan merely grinned as he snapped the trunk shut. The woman inquired as to the amount she owed him. She would have accepted whatever sum as satisfactory.

All the terrible things that may have happened if he hadn’t stopped were already in her mind. Bryan has no qualms about accepting money. To him, this was not work. This was a way for him to repay the kindness of those who had helped him in the past.

He had always been that way; he had never considered doing anything else.

Bryan told her that if she wanted to repay him, all she had to do was help someone in need the next time she came across them, adding, “And think of me.”

He waited for her to get in the car and drive away. Even though the day had been cold and dreary, he was in excellent spirits as he made his way home, disappearing into the night.

A short distance down the road, the woman spotted a cozy cafe.

Before finishing the remaining portion of her journey home, she decided to stop in for some food and warmth. The eatery gave off an unappealing vibe. Two rusty gas pumps stood outside.

To her, it was all very strange. After she finished washing her hair, the waiter brought her a fresh towel.

She had a charming grin that not even a long day on her feet could dim.

The customer had seen the waitress for a while and knew she was about eight months pregnant.

The elderly woman couldn’t understand how a person with so little could be so generous to a complete stranger. After a moment, she recalled her husband.

The lady paid with a $100 cash when she finished her dinner. The waitress ran to the cash register to make change for the hundred dollar bill, but the elderly patron had already left.

By the time the waitress returned, she had left. The waitress was concerned and asked if the woman had been seen. And then she saw the napkin with the note on it.

The woman’s words, “You don’t owe me anything,” brought tears to her eyes as she read them.

“As it happens, I can relate. Like I’m doing for you now, someone else helped me out in the past. If you want to show your appreciation, keep the love going and don’t break the chain.”

Additional $100 dollars were concealed under a napkin.

That waitress got it through yet another day of clearing tables, refilling sugar bowls, and serving customers.

After a long day at the office, she went straight to bed, but couldn’t stop thinking about the woman’s letter and the money.

Neither the woman nor her husband could have foreseen how desperately they would need it. Things were going to get challenging next month when the baby arrived….

Now Viral:

She gently kissed her husband on the cheek as he slept next to her, and in a low voice, she reassured him, “Everything’s going to be all right. Bryan Anderson, I love you.”

As the ancient adage goes, “what goes around comes around…”

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