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After 3 Years Lost, Dog Finally Sees Dad Again But Doesn’t Recognize Him Until He Does This

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After 3 Years Lost, Dog Finally Sees Dad Again But Doesn’t Recognize Him Until He Does This

Three years ago, Pa̙kita the dog went missing, leaving her dad shocked and scared.

The man felt hopeless as he looked for her everywhere, but all he could do was get his hopes up.

Despite this, he never gave up on her and kept looking for homes for her until his hard work paid off.

After three years, Dad was thrilled to learn that Pakita was still alive and having a pretty normal life in a faraway shelter. But Pakita’s reaction when he got to the shelter to take her home was different from what he had thought, writes ilσvemydσg.

It was clear that the years of slavery and living in shelters had stuck with Pakita.

The scared little girl blindly trusted her caretakers and wouldn’t look at her dad. She had no idea who he was and was surprised to find a strange new person touching her.

Dad understood Pakita’s snotty body language, which was caused by worry, and told her to calm down.

Pakita wasn’t sure, but Dad pushed and called her out, which made her go ahead and sniff him.

It was a major bolt from the blue for her! It took her a while to understand that her dear long-lost father had come back to take her home.

This chapter describes the amazing moment when Pakita faces her doubts and tells her dad how happy she is.

In the span of a few seconds, she goes from being scared to shocked to crazy.

Her dad tells her that she will never be alone again. Watch with tears in your eyes as they get back together below!

Click on the video below to watch it. Pakita is going crazy with joy when she finally sees Dad!

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