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Family Adopts A New Dog Then Vet Sees It And Calls The Cops

Off The Record

Family Adopts A New Dog Then Vet Sees It And Calls The Cops

Something wasn’t right when she witnessed her two-year-old puppy acting out of character.

After this, there was no turning back….

An Epiphany

Her two-year-old puppy had acted strangely, prompting her to wonder if something was wrong. After this, there was no turning back.

It was too late by the time she overcame her resistance and accepted the truth, though. Su Yun understood that she was in grave danger. And soon she could expect a visit from law enforcement.


Su Yun was confident that she had a firm grasp of the situation. She was well-versed in exotic dog breeds thanks to her study and review reading.

Instagram/@kai_and_kiki (for entertainment purposes only)

She had bought everything the dog would need, including a bed, collar, lead, shampoo, and identification tag.

They were ready for marriage, in her opinion. But as Jack grew too big for his crate, collar, and leash, she became concerned. Then something happened that nobody could have predicted.


It started out without any malice. Kunming City, China was home for Su Yun, her husband, and their two small children.

The busy mother finally gave in to the stress of her hectic schedule and took a much-needed vacation. However, Su Yun was in for a big surprise that she had no idea about.


The Yuns set off on the vacation that would alter the course of their lives, a trip to Asia.

They had no idea that, two years later, their blunder would be front page news.

A litter of puppies was discovered by the family just as they were starting to get into holiday mode, a few days after their arrival.

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The kids begged their parents for the fluffy little creatures the second they laid eyes on them.

Su Yun and her husband had been thinking about adopting a family dog for the previous few weeks, but they never imagined they’d find the perfect canine right here.

Su felt one against her heart and wondered if maybe this was all predestined. But Su had no idea what it would be like to have one of these puppies as a pet.


The dog was identified as a Tibetan Mastiff by the store owner, who also informed the Yuns that their new puppy would grow to be about two feet tall.

The Yuns couldn’t be happier with their new addition, whom they jokingly dubbed “Little Black.”

They didn’t know it at the time, but this little puppy would grow into a significant issue.


The family’s attachment to their new puppy grew stronger by the day, but eventually it was time to bring him back to Kunming City.

It was also time to figure out where he would be sleeping for the night. Although the weather in Kunming City is mild enough for dogs to spend the night outside, the Yun family decided to keep Little Black inside.

The new family meant the world to Little Black, so he was content to be close by. However, Little Black’s peculiar behavior wasn’t hidden for long.

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Strangely, Su Yun’s dog would refuse to eat any of the dog food she put in front of him.

He was solely interested in eating noodles and fruit, so Su made them for him.

She was a first-time dog owner, so she didn’t give it much thought and just assumed he was being picky. But Little Black quickly became a voracious eater.


Little Black would eat a whole carton of mixed fruits and two buckets of noodles every day… His hunger was clearly not abating, either.

After a year, Su Yun had spent a fortune on Little Black’s nourishment. The family also noticed that their new dog had some other concerning tendencies, such as an unusual affinity for noodles and fruit.

They didn’t anticipate any potential legal issues…


Though Su Yun anticipated that Little Black would become a big dog, she was unprepared for how big he actually got.

By the time he was two years old, Little Black towered over the seller at three feet tall and 250 pounds. But one day, Su Yun witnessed Little Black engaging in behavior in the kitchen that was so distressing that alarm bells immediately began to ring.


When Su Yun entered, he saw Little Black erect on his back legs.

Su had witnessed other dogs performing tricks or begging for food while standing on their hind legs, but this was different.

There was something terribly off about this dog, and it was time to face that fact. Then she began to feel afraid.


The rapid rate at which this puppy was maturing was beginning to make the household uncomfortable.

Some characteristics, like as the size of his teeth, were not apparent when he was a puppy.

Since Little Black no longer enjoyed walking on all fours, he has taken to permanently standing on his hind legs.

It was getting a little unnerving to be in his presence, what with his towering stature and gleaming white teeth. Even Nevertheless, Su Yun continued to deny the truth.


Little Black had already begun to get a name in the neighborhood while Su Yun was busy trying to bury her anxieties.

The huge dog’s size made him a public spectacle whenever he was taken for a walk, and he eventually outgrew the house.

The household fashioned an outdoor doghouse for him out of scrap materials. Taking him outside, however, did not solve their issues.


Su Yun anticipated that Little Black, now free to roam the outdoors, would begin to act more like a dog.

You’d think he’d take his new role as house guard seriously, barking at anything that moves. He, however, never took that step.

Only a low growl, Su Yun realized, was the only sound he had ever made that she could hear. She was quickly realizing that she had made a disastrous decision.


And as Little Black grew in stature, so did Su Yun’s apprehensions. There was obviously a discrepancy.

She looked into what was considered typical behavior for Tibetan Mastiffs, but the results only served to heighten her anxiety.

She put a picture of Little Black on the internet, and a vet said he’d have to notify the police if that happened.


The real identity of Little Black was that of a massive black bear. The veterinarian confirmed her suspicions that he was not a typical black bear.

He was a Tibetan or Himalayan black bear, both common names for the Asiatic black bear.

These bears have been known to grow to a whopping six feet in height and 440 pounds!

Then he dropped a bombshell on her that caused her stomach to plummet.


Bear ownership is illegal in China and carries a prison sentence.

Indeed, Su Yun’s predicament was hopeless. The more she cared for Little Black, the more she realized she couldn’t keep him.

What if he started acting violently towards her and the kids? It was too dangerous to try. She hoped against hope that she could intervene before the police were called.

The first thing she did was get in touch with the nearest zoo.



She didn’t have Little Black’s birth certificate, which the zoo required in order to consider taking him in.

They had also purchased the bear while on vacation and had no method of contacting the seller.

Su Yun was completely helpless. She felt trapped and had to resort to calling the police on her own. They were already on their way to get her, but she had no idea.


YouTube/Nat Geo WILD

The police and wildlife experts arrived at her house within the hour.

The veterinarian had noticed her post in a site for animal behaviorists and warned them off. Su Yun needed to provide an explanation.

She explained how she got herself into this mess and worked with the police to provide them with as much information as possible so they could find a good home for Little Black. But then what would happen?


“The more [Little Black] grew, the more like a bear he looked,” Su Yun explained.

She continued by saying that she was “a little scared of bears.” While wildlife experts went out to Little Black to examine him, the cops stayed with Su Yun to gather information.

While Su Yun awaited the decision, the staff examined him for wounds and malnutrition.


Little Black was judged to be healthy and well-nourished by the authorities.

They needed to sedate him so they could take him to the nearest wildlife sanctuary.

Experts were shocked to learn that Su Yun had been harboring a potentially deadly Asiatic Bear in her backyard after his arrival. The news of Su Yun’s blunder spread quickly across the media.


Everyone was curious about one thing: how Su Yun and her family could have possibly missed the obvious signs that their “puppy” was actually a massive wild beast.

After National Geographic picked up the story, it quickly went viral and sparked widespread outrage.

Su Yun was acutely aware that she could go to jail now that everyone was looking at her.

YouTube/Nat Geo WILD


The public outcry and media coverage led to an unexpected development.

People started talking about their own experiences with bringing home pets only to learn later that they were actually wild species.

According to National Geographic, this is far from an isolated incident and occurs far more frequently than you may expect. Could Su Yun get away without consequences?


Thankfully for Su Yun, her consistent cooperation with law enforcement was taken into account and played a key part in how her sentence was determined.

She emphasized again that it had been a case of mistaken identity notwithstanding the sad circumstances.

Little Black was sold to her by a man who said the dog was a Tibetan Mastiff.

YouTube/Nat Geo WILD


Despite the Asiatic Bear’s status as a protected species, Su Yun was not prosecuted for his actions.

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Even though it was the right choice for everyone involved (including Little Black), the family is missing their pet dearly now that he has been relocated to a neighboring refuge.

The good news is that Little Black has a permanent, loving home on the reserve, where he can spend the rest of his days.

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