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A Woman Claims She Has “Proof” That iPhones Take Photos Of Your Face Every Five Seconds

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A Woman Claims She Has “Proof” That iPhones Take Photos Of Your Face Every Five Seconds

It’s not a conspiracy theory, according to “proof” a WOMAN claims to have that iPhones take pictures of your face every five seconds.

Using TikTok, the user claimed that an infrared camera helped her discover the truth.

According to her, the device’s face ID feature takes pictures millions of times every day.

Credit: @mitchck/Tiktok

She stated in the video:  “We just discovered that your iPhone specifically takes an infrared picture of you with your face ID every five-ish seconds.

“We looked at it through an infrared camera and it’s pretty wild.”

Credit: @mitchck/Tiktok

After that, a few friends showed off their experiment in which they used a camera to focus on a man who was holding an iPhone.

The woman alleges that the flashes that the infrared lens seems to pick up every few seconds are caused by the phone snapping pictures.

Credit: @mitchck/Tiktok

To clarify what’s actually going on for his thousands of followers, computer guru Mitch edited the video.

“Relax,” he said, “This is actually Apple’s camera technology called true depth camera.

“This uses 30,000 invisible little dots to create a map of your face so that your phone can detect when you’re active on it.

Credit: @mitchck/Tiktok

“So it can do things like dim your screen or shut it off when you aren’t looking at it.

“And you can totally shut this feature off.

“It’s under face ID and passcode. You just switch off ‘attention aware features’.

“The face ID data is native to the device only.

“It’s not saved up in the cloud. Hope that helps.”

Credit: @mitchck/Tiktok

It follows after the identical experiment was conducted by a woman.

She said that because infrared light is invisible, it allows you to see things that are ordinarily invisible to the human eye.

“Apparently your iPhones takes an infrared picture of you every five seconds,” she posted to her 173,000 followers.

Apple just shared a smart settings tip that can protect you from very harmful hacks.

And it’s only just dawned on users that their iPhones have a “secret menu” that allows them to access exclusive capabilities.

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