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Celine Dion Suffers A Painful Seizure On Video, And It’s Hard To Watch

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Celine Dion Suffers A Painful Seizure On Video, And It’s Hard To Watch

In her new documentary, Celine Dion gives viewers an unvarnished look at her health crisis.

A heartbreaking and sad 10-minute sequence depicts her having a seizure.

It is excruciating to watch as the terrified Celine cries and screams in agony as her body thrashes around erratically in the video.

Nonetheless, Celine made it obvious that she wanted this to be public by documenting everything for the documentary and sharing an intimate glimpse of the difficult circumstances she finds herself in.

As Celine’s body swings into crisis mode during her consultation for her Stiff-Person Syndrome diagnosis, a camera team records it all as she lies down on a table having a seizure.

After countless attempts by medical professionals to help Celine, she eventually receives a nasal medication that helps with some of the muscle spasms.

When Celine can eventually sit up, it takes her around ten minutes. She reveals her discomfort over what’s happening to her while wrapping a blanket around herself.

Celine states: “Every time something like this happens it makes you feel so embarrassed and so, like, I don’t how to express it, it’s just … you know, like to not have control of yourself.”

The moving sequence is taken from Celine’s brand-new Prime Video documentary, “I Am: Celine Dion,” which had its streaming service debut on Thursday.

As a result, this is the first time that the entirety of her ailment has been fully exposed to the public.

As previously reported, Celine stated that overcoming her addiction to high dosages of Valium—which she needed to take in order to perform—has been one of the most difficult aspects of her struggle with SPS.

In 2022, Celine disclosed that she was diagnosed with SPS, forcing her to postpone her tour.

Her desire to return on the stage is stronger than ever, and the documentary centers on her health-related quest.

Now available for streaming, “I Am” is creating a lot of attention.

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