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A Strong Woman Will Never Tolerate These 8 Things


A Strong Woman Will Never Tolerate These 8 Things

Who doesn’t want to be with a woman of high thinking, who is brave and independent? No matter how successful a man becomes in his life, he always desires for a partner who is equal to him in terms of intellect, strength (not necessarily physically, but mentally and psychologically) and virtues.

An independent woman is one of a kind who possesses the firm determination to take her own decisions in life and stand for her rights and is able to gain a prestigious position due to her formidable personality, not only in the family, but also in the society at large. Such women become the inspiration of the whole race of women out there who wish to speak out their minds without any tinge of hesitation.

She is often claimed to have an intimidating personality which presents her in a way that is both feared, thus not easily approachable, as well as charming in a very dignified manner. She can never be labeled as an ‘easy catch’ and known for her formidable exterior.

She is captivating not just for the appearance that she may carry, but for the way she presents her thoughts and views, which leaves people with a sign of awe and admiration towards her.

Often, people realize how such women are out of their league, for she isn’t commonplace at all. She is someone who will accept defeat and disappointment at the face of it. She thinks of things larger than life and aims for things which are often not thought of.

Things to remember before attempting to pursue a woman of such qualities are:

1. She will not bear up with your fake show

If you think that she would behave or speak in a way that appeases you, then you are wrong. She is going to be very blunt while placing forward what is true and right in the relationship.

2. She has an exceptionally powerful personality

What she feels is intense and is not based on shallow pomp and show. Her true feelings can be extremely passionate and can thus be difficult to accept sometimes. She is that rose which is the epitome of beauty and joy but will also produce thorns that are detestable. However, if you need the rose, you will have to accept it with an attached stem, filled with thorns.

3. She feels strongly about her independence

She is independent to an extent that she might often come out to be intimidating before others. She knows how to get things done in her desired way, for she has an indomitable personality and spirit. She doesn’t depend upon people to get her work done. Her self-sufficiency is the key to her success.

4. Being honest from her side, she wishes the same from you

As mentioned earlier, she is going to be genuine with you in terms of how she feels about things and life. For you to be the right person she opens up to, a righteous and sense of truthfulness and loyalty is a must. If she guarantees you with complete honesty, she demands the same from you.

5. She won’t be a tool in your hands

Presuming her to be someone who works according to your commands and subjection is your mistake. Considering how much she values her independence, it will only be foolish enough for you to think that her life and decisions can in any way be manipulated by you. She would choose to leave you instead of being under your control.

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6. She will not let go of the relationship

If you are lucky enough to develop a relationship with a woman like her, be assured that she will try to hold onto the relationship till the end of time until it gets claustrophobic and toxic. She will fight with you and for you.

7. Things are not going to be easy with her

She will never be the best and easiest person to deal with, but she is totally worth it. The more challenging it is to be with her, the more fulfilling it seems at the end of the day. She will not settle for mediocrity and this is exactly what makes the relationship more enthralling.

8. She is a sign of positivity

She values the things that are important in life and thus tries to bring in good vibes and positive energies; thereby, becoming an epitome of positivity in herself. She will not be susceptible to negative and useless things. To be happy in the relationship, develop a positive outlook towards life, just the way she does.

So, ready to be with one? You won’t regret it.

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