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10 Clear Signs You’re With A Girl Who Is Worth Spending The Rest Of Your Life With


10 Clear Signs You’re With A Girl Who Is Worth Spending The Rest Of Your Life With

We all need some assurance in our relationship. Needless to say, not many of us would want to spend it on someone and not have it repaid. We all want to know if it is going to be worth it in the end.

How do you know that, though? How can you be so sure that the girl you are with is “THE ONE”? Humans don’t come with a warranty card, so you need to ask yourself if this woman is the woman of your dreams, and if she is, hit the bell and move forward.

Here are 10 signs that will assure you of her worthiness.

1. This one is simple. She wants you to be the best individual there ever is.

Your success is her success, your joy is hers. She wants you to push yourself to glory, and you want her to do that because what she thinks about you matters so much more to you than any other person ever did. You don’t want to lower yourself in her eyes, and if unforeseen circumstances have led to that, you want to get back as soon as possible.

2. She is honest about every single thing and would never play the fool.

She is serious about life and that inspires you to be serious too. She doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions for she knows that her opinion counts and she has nothing to be afraid of. She would never let you stray from the path for she would never indulge you.

3. She knows that she isn’t the only thing on your mind and that you might have something else going on at some point of time – a book, a career, some family problems.

She would never ask you to neglect everything else to be with her and would always respect your giving time to other aspects in your life.

4. She isn’t clingy at all.

She wants you, she loves you, but not at the cost of her independence. She isn’t your slave – precisely why she would not follow you around everywhere. She has her own life and she would never compromise on that.

5. You are excited to introduce her to your parents because you know they would love her.

You are impressed by everything that she has done and you love the woman she is. She makes you proud of her and you want her to meet your family too.

6. She is extremely adventurous and keeps an open mind about everything.

In addition to that, she would never let you waste away by yourself and would continue to make you a part of her adventures as well.

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7. She doesn’t depend on others for survival and that includes you.

She knows what she wants and would do anything to get it. She might not have the knowledge of everything around her, but she would work her butt off trying to know things and learn new fields. She knows that learning should never stop and she wouldn’t hesitate to tell people what she thought about a particular thing that she found interesting.

8. She is not two-faced.

She might be angry or upset, but she would never ever hide from you what she truly feels. She doesn’t need to because she is not ashamed to show what she feels. She is expressive and the way she expresses it is what makes her so attractive.

9. She is independent, passionate, and excited.

But about what? Her dreams. She has goals that she wants to reach and nothing can stop her from reaching them. When she is with you, all she wants is your support in reaching them, for she would do the same for you. Your relationship is based on mutual development of each other, and while she would be helping you get what you want, you must also support her, when she has her zeal fixed.

10. She is mature enough to know how to deal with criticism.

Although, that extends to constructive criticism. For trolls and others, she doesn’t have the time to deal with them, and fights fire with fire or instantly ignores them. She is feisty and you love her for it.

Now, are you sure? Tie the knot then.

Image source: Oleksii Hrecheniuk ©

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