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These 14 Seductive Features Of Men Drive Women Crazy


These 14 Seductive Features Of Men Drive Women Crazy

Many women have a checklist of traits which they want in their men. Of course, they don’t get everything present on the list. Nonetheless, there are few features of men which every woman in the world finds seductive.

Here is the list of some traits which can drive a woman crazy. This is what we have come up with. Tell us what you think about them!

Here we go:

1. Luscious brows

Thick and natural eyebrows give a rugged look that women can go mad for. Of course, they have to be neat and tidy in their appearance. They can add some drama to the look of a man. After all, eyebrows are so expressive!

2. Stubble

The clean-shaven look of a man is something uncontested for. However, bristles too won’t do any harm while trying a new look. Clean-shaven look suggests that the man is disciplined and likes orderliness. But women tend to like men with bristles, as it gives them a rough look that may suggest that they like to break the norms. 

3. Plump lips

Who doesn’t like full lips? It is applicable to both men and women. Plump lips are always desirable till they don’t talk about absurd things. Men with full and plumper lips appear attractive to women.

4. Defined cheekbones

All of us remember the Sherlock character played by our favorite Benedict Cumberbatch for his defined cheekbones. High cheekbones make the men appear more strong and confident.

5. Visible veins

If the veins are visible then it means that the man does hardcore physical exercises. Obviously, every woman wants a man full of strength and stamina. Also, the veins visible on the hands and legs add rough texture to a man’s body.

6. Grey hair, here and there

Grey hair is associated with elder men. It means that the man is respected for his wisdom and experience. Many women have the tendency to fall for men older than them for the sake of respect that they have for their intelligence.

7. Flat stomach

The women do not always fall for six-pack bodies. Even a flat and toned stomach can do wonders. A toned body suggests that the man has no unhealthy habits and leads a healthy lifestyle. And that’s as attractive as it can be.

8. Hair trail on the stomach

There are many women who do not like hair on the body of a man. However, it is not a stereotype to be taken seriously as evidence suggests that there are many women who fall for men with a trail of hair on their stomach right from the top of the belly button.

9. Blush

Many men decide to keep their emotions to themselves. So they hide or ignore their real expressions and sentiments in front of women. However, if a man shows his real emotions in front of a woman, the latter finds it very attractive. After all, how can a girl ignore a slight blush on the face of the man after the kiss they shared!

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10. Scent

Women find the natural scent of men very attractive. So much so, many women even like man’s perfume and deodorants. Obviously, you can’t expect them to like the odor of their body after a rigorous workout but the very innate odor of men attracts women towards them.

11. Bespectacled

Spectacles are associated with traits of intelligence. Maybe that’s the reason many women find spectacled men very smart in their appearance. So, don’t fall for the school time stereotype that men with glasses are nerds or geeky as you can say that these days nerds are new sexy!

12. Skilled cook

Break the stereotype and enter the kitchen with your cooking skill. Women find that seductive in men.

13. Kind to animals

If a man is caring to every pet around him then it shows his kind and genuine nature. And a woman will definitely fall for such a man. Men who love all kinds of pets have the ability to give love to other human beings.

14. Smile

A small grin or a lively smile is something that is capable of breaking the ice or start a conversation. It is definitely a seductive act that women find attractive. A good sense of humor is something to die for these days.

All the men reading this; do you have any of these qualities in you? If not, start today!

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