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25 Ways A Woman Can Tell A Man Seriously Wants Her In His Future


25 Ways A Woman Can Tell A Man Seriously Wants Her In His Future

It’s important to know if a man really sees a future with you. Wasting time with men who just want to use you is hurtful and foolish.

If you find these qualities in your man, know that he wants you in his life for now and hereafter.

1. He isn’t into it for lovemaking alone

He wouldn’t want to force you into having. It’s not his only goal. He knows that if it is permanent, he’ll be getting a lot of it later on.

2. So many questions

He will ask you too many questions so that he could get to know you better. He is interested in you and loves to show his interest. You matter to him.

3. Your past doesn’t matter

Everyone has a past. He doesn’t let your past upset him. He fights your battles with you, but won’t judge you for anything.

4. No pretending

The right man doesn’t need to pretend – he doesn’t have the time to do so. He wants to keep it real.

5. Building you up

You are his future. He will take an active role in your life, directing it, correcting you when you go wrong and supporting you. He’ll build you for the better.

6. A future for two

He will lay clues about his future with you. He will talk about parenthood and marriage. He will take your opinions on how you want your future to be.

7. No more spoiling

Many men waste their money trying to please their woman. He knows money is precious. He keeps his hard-earned money under lock and key and doesn’t waste it for anyone. He knows it is important for the future that he’s planning to build.

8. He will be vulnerable

You cannot go vulnerable for everyone – just for a special few. He will be vulnerable to you. He’ll open up when he’s down, he’ll ask for directions when he’s lost. He doesn’t mind pointing out that he needs your help.

9. A husband and a father

He will appear more of a father-figure and a husband rather than a boyfriend. He will direct you along the right path and support you. He’ll be loyal to you and make sure you’re doing the right thing.

10. You will be in his decisions

He is not solo anymore. When he’s making a decision, he’ll be asking your opinion. Most of his decisions are about both you and your future.

11. Your family and friends know him

He doesn’t run away at the mention of your family. He wants to be part of your entire life. You’ll find that he’s really putting in an effort to be a part of the inner circle in your life – within your family and friends.

12. You will know his inner circle

No more secrets – he trusts you and will bring you to his closest buddies, his family, and his work colleagues. You are special to him.

13. He will work on himself

No one is perfect and he knows that. You bring the inspiration in his life to work on himself. He does it not for himself alone, but to make sure he will be the best version of himself for you. Because you deserve the best.

14. Doing “it” is not the only thing in his mind

You turn him on, but that doesn’t mean he’s thinking about it only. You can talk about anything you want and he’ll keep to the topic – he knows what and when you are comfortable about something, and he respects your decision for that.

15. He knows your dreams

He wants you to fulfil your dreams. He will ask you about your future, your passion, and how you wish to go about it. He wants to know your dearest and closest dream and be a part of it.

16. It’s comforting to talk to him

You can trust him. He won’t judge you or make you feel unworthy. You won’t feel the need to hide anything from him.

17. He’ll be protective

He’ll be protective of you. He’ll make sure no man comes to you as a threat. Whenever a man passes by, he’ll make sure that he stays away from you.

18. He’ll make time for you

He can be busy but he’ll still make time for you. He will work overtime to have dates with you, or cancel buddy meetings if he has to. You are far more important.

19. Physical contact is a must

Men generally don’t like being clingy, but he will find ways to touch you. He will ask for little hugs or brush his hands against yours. Study his body language and you’ll see he’s bumping against you for no reason.

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20. He’ll look at you with wonder

You dazzle him. He’ll look at you with a sense of wonder – trying to capture every beautiful movement of your face, from the drop of the eyelids to a slight swish of your hair strand.

21. There’s a mystery on his face

He will always have a doubt on his face. Is he doing everything right by you? How much do you love him? He’s always asking himself – and his face reveals it all.

22. He regrets letting you down

He doesn’t want to let you down but he’s not perfect. If he does let you down somehow, he’ll be sorry and regret it. You can see his pain.

23. You are his queen

You are special to him and he’ll treat you like it – his only Queen.

24. He won’t say ‘I love you’ that easily

He is serious about loving you. He won’t rush into it. ‘I love you’ is significant for him – it carries a lot of weight. He’ll time it out. When he says it, it means a lot.

25. He will ignite the wife inside you

The more he becomes a husband, the more you’ll become a wife – caring about him, learning from him and teaching him. You will be beside him in everything and he will be there for you too.

A serious man will change you for the better. Don’t let the opportunity get away. Study your man and make sure he’s worth it.

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