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10 Simple Tricks to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind


10 Simple Tricks to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind

Life is hard or so it may seem. We constantly find ourselves dealing with this emotion or solving this problem or giving into this certain temptation. It seems so hard to deal with everything.

But is it really this hard? Or is just something our mind makes us believe? It is the latter in reality. Often, we become prisoners of our own mind.

Here are the 10 tricks which will free you and grant you control of your life.

1. Treat yourself with kindness

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Be kind, forgive your weaknesses, celebrate your successes and don’t condemn your mistakes. Your brain doesn’t just protect your health but it also determines your mood. It’s why when you focus too much on your mistakes and shortcomings, your brain desperately seeks a way to liven you up. To do this, you might as well do that one thing you have been trying to avoid for a while!

2. Do not give into the temptation of getting free stuff

We all get free offers every once in a while – free gift hampers, a free hairdo, a free ride. It’s something we all enjoy but, to avoid spending a hefty amount of money in the long run, we should actually avoid taking anything for free. Your brain perceives it as a debt that has to be paid – of course, you aren’t aware of it. So, you may end up buying something in the spur of the moment or justifying the raised prices.

3. Read plenty of books but little by little

Do you know how you can immerse in your favorite hobby without being disturbed by the thoughts of just how much more there is to read in the book? Set a target to read a few pages each day. Your brain doesn’t really appreciate you making long-term plans. So, make them short and read a little every day without straining your mind.

4. You train your body and that’s a good thing but learn to train your mind as well

Before you go to bed, try imagining the situations you would like to be in one day or the skills you wish you had. Imagine your desires, your goals. It will exercise your brain and motivate you to work towards the achievement of these desires.

5. It’s a waste of time chatting at the gym or after the workout so don’t do it

You probably didn’t know this but when you’re working out, it makes it easier for others to get in your head. How? Well, physical exertion activates the “flight-or-fight” response, speeding up your pulse and your breathing. It is in reaction to the perceived danger and thus the brain puts all the efforts in helping you cope. You become more talkative than normal – you would not want to spill any secrets now, would you? So, avoid talking at the gym or after the workout.

6. Stay away from all those games on your smartphones

So, there’s a new game which helps you develop brainpower and increase your attention span but guess what? They don’t! Smartphone game applications do not work this way. If you really want to exercise your brain then go out and indulge in some physical sports. It will help blood circulation to your brain and make it healthier.

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7. Disintegrate a complex task into smaller, simpler tasks

If you have a huge, complex task at hand, approach it by dividing it into smaller, simpler parts. This way, your brain’s attention will be focused on the worrying, challenging task to more manageable parts of it. It won’t be cluttered with demands of the complicated task but rather subconsciously be drawn into resolving all the tasks you set for it.

8. Don’t give in to the dopamine

Sure, we are all tempted to buy something attractive but totally unnecessary when we are out shopping – all thanks to the hormone of desire, dopamine! It works more effectively when we touch that thing succumbing to our impulse. We end up doing the spontaneous purchase of things we don’t even need! What to do? Stick to buying what you actually need and put your hands in your pockets. No touching.

9. Get your plate out of your sight

It’s pretty normal to overeat at family dinners but it’s also pretty simple to avoid it. Ensure your plate is out of your sight because, this way, your brain will stop producing dopamine. You won’t have that craving of relishing that last piece. The brain perceives food as a reward but only if you see it or smell it. So, hiding your plate will subside the desire within seconds.

10. Dim all the lights in every room an hour before you sleep

It is a very healthy practice which helps you get the right amount of sleep. Doing so will signal your brain that it’s time to rest and it starts producing the sleep hormone, melatonin, which regulates your circadian rhythm. Your body dozes off into sleep mode.

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