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7 Sure Signs Your Partner Wants to Spend Their Life With You


7 Sure Signs Your Partner Wants to Spend Their Life With You

It is pretty damn easy to fall in love, but when it comes to relationships, most people fail badly. The tricky thing about getting into relationships is that we can never be sure if that relationship would last or not.

This is not only true of the initial stages, but even after spending quite a lot of time together, it is common for people to question the durability of the relationship they are in.

We either tend to believe in the concept of some divine ‘true’ love or strike a compromise with our partners to make a relationship work. At the core of many good relationships is the mutual respect for the many differences that the two people may have. It is not without reasons that relationships are said to complete us. Our partners bring to our consciousness a whole new perspective on the world we live in. That is the essence of a truly fulfilling relationship and it is all about goodness.

Although, one can never be fully certain about the longevity of their relationships, there are, nonetheless, some significant signs which, more often than not, have been the solid grounds upon which a long lasting relationship stands.

Following are 7 such signs which tell you that your partner indeed wants to spend the rest of their lives with you.

1. You are ‘Before Anything Else’

If your partner truly wants to spend their life with you, they would always prioritize your wishes and desires over theirs, whenever it is pragmatically feasible for them to do so. Obviously, it would not always be possible for them to do so and it would rather be wrong of you to demand anything like that. If your partner makes adjustments in their lives so that they can spend time with you, it means they really love your company and your needs are something they care about. Believe me, that is a pretty positive sign.

2. They explore your self

It is essential that two people in a relationship fully understand each other. When your partner loves you truly, they make an active effort into doing exactly that. No, there isn’t any magical or divine understanding in these cases. Your partner actually invests a lot of energy into understanding your opinions, emotions, thoughts and desires. When this is the case, they indeed know who you are, better than any other person in this world. Obviously, a person cannot, and rather will not, invest so much into a relationship if they are not very serious about it.

3. Easy and fluent companionship

A healthy relationship is one in which you have love, hearty laughter and a lot of fun. There are no unnecessary complications in such a relationship. You and your partner have fluent and honest communication which makes it easy for the two of you to be with one another. This ease of being together is so precious a feeling that it becomes an irreplaceable asset in your life. Of course, there are some quarrels or disagreements, but that’s not the point at the end of the day.

4. Intersecting lines of thought

Even though your worldview may not be exactly the same, they nevertheless complement each other. Your lines of thought run parallel to one another and even have points of intersections. You’re never afraid of being judged by your partner.

5. Immense trust

TRUST is the core of every good relationship. Mutual trust beyond anything else stems from undeterred honesty and a strong sense of compassion and affection. Most relationships fail due to trust issues.

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6. A place of comfort

A fulfilling relationship is one which gives you the comfort you so badly need after a tiring day at work or when things go wrong. A person who provides you with that comfort is a person who is meant to stay in your life.

7. Positive energy

By accepting you for who you are, a true partner brings into your life all the positive energy that you’ll need to become a better and stronger person. They motivate you for all the good things that you can achieve.

So, it is quite obvious by now that the durability of a relationship is not to be judged only by its duration, but rather by the presence or the absence of these defining and essential traits.

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