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A Photo Of Kate Middleton Recovering With Her Children Was Released, But After A Horrifying Detail It’s Now Been Removed

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A Photo Of Kate Middleton Recovering With Her Children Was Released, But After A Horrifying Detail It’s Now Been Removed

The story seems to have thickened around the secret surrounding Kate Middleton and her recovery from the “planned abdominal procedure” she had in January.

Some strange stories say that the Associated Press and Getty Images, among others, have taken down a picture of the Princess of Wales that Kensington Palace sent out on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK.

The cause? Well, and this is where things get really strange, there’s a good chance the picture isn’t real.

Different photo agencies have reportedly taken the bold step of removing the image in question. AP is said to have sent a “kill notification” to journalists and news outlets around the world, saying that they have reason to think the image may have been fixed.

Part of AP’s message read: “At closer inspection, it appears that the source has manipulated the image. No replacement image will be sent. Please remove it from all platforms, including social, where it may still be visible.”

In the picture in question, Kate Middleton is posing with her three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. At first look, nothing seems really wrong.

It is said that there are a number of worrying details that make people think that something is wrong, such as a problem with Princess Charlotte’s sleeve cuff and the zipper on the left side of Kate Middleton’s clothing.

People on the internet, especially those on X, were able to find more problems with the picture, which led some to think it might have been made by AI, even though the Palace said it was shot by Prince William.

The Royal Family has been busy trying to calm people’s worries about Kate Middleton’s health since her surgery in January, so they won’t be happy about the rumors.

Conspiracists who are sure the public is not being told the whole truth have taken advantage of the fact that most people don’t know much about the Princess’s health.

In a statement released while Kate was in the hospital, Kensington Palace said that she would not be able to do any royal duties until after Easter. However, the Princess hadn’t been seen since Christmas (until a blurry photo was taken last week), which made many people nervous.

In response to scary rumors about where the Princess of Wales was, the Palace had to say again last week that Kate is doing well, even though this new nonsense about the Mother’s Day picture won’t have helped their case much.

Kate has officially spoken about the picture

Kate Middleton took to Kensington Palace to personally apologize, writing, “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day.” She signed the note, “C,” short for Catherine.

Conspiracy theories around the photograph did not stop after the apology; on the contrary, they got worse. All of a sudden, everything from unfollowed TikTok accounts to mainstream media like the New York Times was dissecting the purported edits Kate made to the picture: Prince Louis’s sweater pattern is strange, Kate’s hair and zipper are crooked, and so on. This raised a lot of questions about why Kate felt the need to change the picture.

Social media users conjectured about the Palace’s choice to disseminate an altered photo: Perhaps they were looking for a photo with a happy group of children. Perhaps Kate was worried about how she would look after the procedure and wanted to make sure she looked flawless.

However, conspiracies started to proliferate. A singer and podcaster named Allyn Aston claims in a TikTok that she utilized Photoshop to cover up the fact that the image was actually an older one of the Princess and her kids.

Allyn Aston typically talks about pop music. Aston specifically notes that Kate, George, Charlotte, and Louis seem to be dressed in attire that is strikingly similar, if not identical, to what they wore in November when they volunteered at a Baby Bank in Maidenhead, a town in Windsor.

According to Aston, the sweater Kate is wearing in the picture is likely the same Reiss turtleneck she wore on that November outing, but it has been altered to appear a different hue.

Princess Charlotte appears to be wearing a red sweater made of cashmere and cotton from Cyrillus with the same ruffled collar as she did on that occasion. A second sweater that was placed using Photoshop on top may be the reason for the strangeness around her wrist.

Although the Waleses might have just worn the same clothing again or something similar, the conspiracy theory is gaining traction and has received over 900,000 views as of the time this piece was written.

Media professionals are also wondering about the time the photo was taken and the rationale behind the Photoshop decisions.

ITV News’ royal editor, Chris Ship, wrote on X, “Any good horticulturalists out there who can answer the leaf question on the Kate photo. What is the plant in question? And should it be this leafy in March/early Spring??” Journalist Heidi N. Moore asked, “So here’s my question about the Kate Middleton picture. Since they were photoshopping it anyway, why did they edit out her wedding ring?” (Kate reportedly was just not wearing her rings at home.)

Ruby Naldrett, a social media editor for the Daily Mirror, proposed that the image of Kate’s face was from her 2016 British Vogue cover. “My analysis of the kate middleton photo saga is that they took her face from the vogue cover she did years ago and edited it in,” Naldrett wrote on social media, attaching a picture of the Mother’s Day shot overlaid on the cover.

This material was brought in from x. On their website, you might be able to find more information or the same thing in a different format.

Regarding whether Kate manipulated the photo or not, there were a lot of unanswered issues. Reporter Paris Martineau of the Information wrote on X, “Are we seriously supposed to believe that kate middleton has Adobe Creative Cloud subscription,” Paris Martineau, a journalist at the Information posted on X. Reporter Christopher Ingraham posted a similar sentiment, writing, “Yes I am sure the Princess of Wales is doing her own photoshop work as she recovers from abdominal surgery, that seems very plausible and normal to me.”

Furthermore, the photoshop has actually caused concern for Kate’s health among internet users. Podcaster Jennifer Taylor-Skinner said on X, “Thinking about that manipulated photo of Kate Middleton, and wondering what circumstances would make it impossible to sit for a quick photo. Yes, it’s none of my business but it’s becoming more and more worrying.”

The Streisand Effect, royal edition, is the Mother’s Day photo drama: By attempting to put an end to online rumors about her health, the Palace seems to have made matters worse and drawn attention from those who had not been following the British royal family.

Aside from Kate’s morning apology, Kensington Palace has not yet made a public statement regarding the Photoshop incident. Online concerns about Kate’s health initially surfaced, and the Palace appeared to address them. A spokeswoman stated, “Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the Princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands.” Last week, Prince William, too, seemingly responded to the online discourse, with a spokesperson saying, “his focus is on his work and not on social media.” But it’s unlikely that the Palace will ever formally address, let alone refute, the numerous conspiracy theories that persist online.

There won’t be any more information on Kate or pictures of the Princess anytime soon, and it’s not believed that she will return to the public eye until after Easter.

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