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International Outlets Spread Rumors That Prince William And Kate Are Separating

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International Outlets Spread Rumors That Prince William And Kate Are Separating

There is no such thing as a perfect royal marriage, that’s what history has taught us. Even the beautiful 73-year marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had its fair share of tales and speculations.

Most royal relationships look like they belong in a fairy tale from the outside. There’s no doubt that things are trickier when they’re not in public. These doors don’t seem as closed these days, since pictures, posts, appearances, and other things can record every moment of a royal’s day.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the most recent couple to be linked to reports in the news. Though their marriage has been talked about a lot in the past few years, new rumors suggest that they may be going to split up.

Of course, all of this is still just a rumor, and we wait for official tabloids to publish similar story that has some firm proof.

A European tabloid story that was picked up by news sites around the world says that Prince William and Kate Middleton are splitting up. The article, which has since been taken down, said that Kate took the couple’s kids and went to live with her family in Buckleberry because the couple’s relationship was always fighting.

On May 18, the day the news broke, the royal family did go to different events. There are, however, no signs that the pair is actually breaking up. The palace hasn’t said anything about the reports, but it’s assumed that the story was quickly and widely taken down because of its influence.

The story also said that the couple’s marriage is having trouble because of the extra stress they are under. The more they get close to the crown, the farther away they are from the quiet country life that Kate and her kids are said to want.

Most people don’t believe the story because it’s just a rumor, but there have been reports about William and Kate’s marriage for a long time. People have said that William is a jerk and that he cheats on his wife sometimes. Kate is taking care of her family and trying to keep things in balance. Even though they’re not seen in public when these stories are going around, people who are close to the royal family will concede that some of it is actually true.

For many, it makes them think of the split between Charles and Diana. The gap in popularity between William and Kate isn’t as big as it was between the Prince and Princess of Wales. A split or divorce would hurt William’s public image, but many people aren’t sure how bad it would be.

Having a relationship that gets a lot of attention doesn’t protect you from relationship problems. There are signs that William and Kate are having trouble in their marriage, but that shouldn’t be seen as big news either. Every relationship goes through different stages and times. It would be dishonest to act like the future king and queen of the United Kingdom don’t have problems that they need to solve from time to time.

The royal machine hasn’t always been able to stop harmful stories, though, and many people still remember that. Everyone in the family, including William and Kate, needs to work on knowing when to stand up and when to back down.

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