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Kate Middleton’s Mom ‘Very Worried’ About Princess Kate After Surgery

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Kate Middleton’s Mom ‘Very Worried’ About Princess Kate After Surgery

A royal expert said that Carole Middleton was “very worried” about Princess Kate after her surgery on her abdomen. The royal is still recovering at home.

Kate’s sister Pippa Matthews and her mother Carole have been very important to her since her surgery.


This month, the Princess of Wales has been getting better at Adelaide Cottage.

Jennie Bond, who used to cover the royal family, said that Kate’s mom would have been “very worried” about her daughter and “clucking around like a mother hen.”

People say that Kate’s parents have cleared their schedules to help her get better and take care of their three kids, Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8), and Prince Louis (5).

All of her family lives in the Berkshire area, so Adelaide Cottage is close to where they live.

Kate is not likely to go back to work until after Easter. Until then, William will have to take care of their three kids and support his wife.

Bond did say, though, that Kate will have close friends to help her and “pamper” her while she stays at home.

Bond told OK!: “I’m sure these old friends would know exactly how to keep Kate’s spirits up after such major surgery.

“They have probably pampered her with fabulous gifts of luxurious spa products and hampers of delicious goodies to tempt her tastebuds. They know what she might like to watch on TV or to read, and may have been sending recommendations and encouraging her to rest and take the time out she needs.”

Bond said that Kate has two strong groups of friends: her top school friends and people she knows through William’s group.

Bond added: “But sometimes, your oldest friends – who’ve been with you through thick and thin – are just the ticket.

“Kate has kept close friendships with a few of her schoolmates. These people knew her well before she became a princess, so they’ll know how to help her.

“Kate has also forged strong friendships with many of William’s crowd, and they will all have been offering practical help – particularly with the children – as William juggles his work commitments with his priority of caring for his wife and family.”

In the middle of the school break, Kate took a trip with her family to Sandringham Estate in Norfolk to get away from it all.

Bond said “It’s very encouraging that Kate was well enough to make the trip to Sandringham. It shows that she is making a steady recovery.”

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