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7 Reasons Why You Need At Least One INTJ Friend In Your Life


7 Reasons Why You Need At Least One INTJ Friend In Your Life

As science proves, human personality is of 4 types, of which every single type has a different characteristic altogether. What might be fun for one, might be fatal for the other.

This is even more highlighted when you have an INTJ as your friend, or for the fact, any personality type. Simply, because it proves that you are special, and need to be treated differently. Generalizing can be a huge problem in this scenario, but, why bother?

INTJs form two percent of the population – it is often a challenge for them to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with their relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering. People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy.

Why should we even have an INTJ friend in our life? Here are 7 reasons that will convince you:

1. Intjs are extremely loyal

This is assured. If you have an INTJ friend, who knows the ins and outs of your life, then you can be guaranteed that this person is going to stick to you forever. Not that they would condone any wrong doing that you might be implicated in, but they would still take some time in believing that you could actually do that. Loyalty is an extremely appreciated value, and in the present world, where people kill other people for money, it is wanted. And INTJs are those people, exactly.

2. Honesty

INTJs believe in honesty being the best policy. They would be honest to the core, and would be your best critics for they wouldn’t sugar coat stuff just to appease you. It is not to be thought that they would deliberately be honest, even if they find it might potentially hurt you, but regardless of that situation, they are always honest about their feelings regarding a particular situation, and wouldn’t hesitate to mention it. Although, it is important to note that they would expect you to be honest with them too.

3. They love silence

If you aren’t in the mood for some heavy blasting music, and a group of people chatting over inane stuff, but just want to lie down, and be immersed in your own thoughts, then INTJs are the best person to hang out with. They would be doing their own work, without bothering you in the least, and be quiet too. They would lie down with a book and both of you would share compatible silence that isn’t awkward at any point.

4. Deep Conversations

INTJs are suckers for deep, introspective conversations, that transcend beyond the typical frivolities that people indulge in. Talk to them about the world, your existence, and how much you think it is worth it, the deepest of substances, your fears, your inhibitions, and you would see them doing the same. They wouldn’t get bored but instead, they would treat you with respect and be there with you all the time when you need them.

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5. Ambitious

INTJs are ambitious to the core, and it involves them being friends with people who can help them achieve it. It doesn’t mean that they are opportunistic, just goal-oriented, for they would help the other person reach their goals too. It is a symbiotic relationship, where the benefit of one person is directly proportional to the benefit of the other. It signifies a relationship that is fruitful and helpful for both parties involved, and not a mere wastage of time.

6. Solution-Provider

INTJs are great at analyzing any situation and bringing forth solutions for that. They would give you their ear if you talk to them about problems, and you can be assured that they are listening intently and already forming solutions while you are saying it. They are extremely insightful, intuitive and ingenious, and that usually makes them such a great asset for any establishment or relationship. They never consider any problem to be small or big, and focus on every single data that is provided to them. This leads to them finding and solving problems that might have proved to be too tough for someone else.

7. Have A Different perspective

INTJs always look at things from a completely different perspective which brightens up the thing considerably. They would view a particular scenario or problem from many different positions, and then only would they be trying to solve it. Talking to them can give a different feel, for their perspective is always different from anyone you might have come across. But it always works, for their insights never fail to hit the mark.

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