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The Sooner You Accept These 13 Brutal Truths About Life The Better Your Life Will Become


The Sooner You Accept These 13 Brutal Truths About Life The Better Your Life Will Become

Life is hard. It’s not all flowers and roses like they sell us in Hollywood movies. There are a lot of difficulties that we need to go through.

The best way to live life is by knowing certain things that are universal truths. You can’t deny them and if you deny them for too long, you are up for a rough time.

To go through life smoothly, you need to accept the following truths wholeheartedly. It’s for your best.

1. Everyone and Everything that we love will be lost

It’s a harsh truth, but we can’t avert our minds from it. Someday, you’ll lose the people you love. Everything you’ve put your effort into will be lost too. There’s nothing you can do about it. Mend your relationships, value the moments you have with yourself and your loved ones. It may all be gone the next moment. Cherish it all.

2. Even if you are good, expect that bad things will happen to you

It’s a sad thing, but if you are good – bad things will happen to you. The good die young and the ones who are very brave perish easily. It’s just how things work. What we can do is not let them die without cause or purpose.

3. Life won’t ever be fair

Don’t ask for fairness. Life isn’t meant to be fair. The best people don’t always get what they deserve and things don’t always go our way. The least we can do is have a positive mind and enjoy whatever life gives us.

4. Don’t expect people to be nice

There are rude people out there. However nice you might be, however nicely you treat them, they are going to be rude. Don’t expect them to change. Don’t change yourself. Remain kind because it’s worth it.

5. We are never going to be perfect

We are not perfect. Nobody is. Neither can we ever be perfect. Stop looking for perfection. Try to address your weaknesses and improve them so that they don’t make your life any messier.

6. Change will happen whether you want it or not

Nothing remains stable. You might think something to be permanent but the next moment it might go all upside-down. Change is inevitable. Don’t resist it.

7. Wasted time is time lost forever

Wasted time is dead and gone. Time always flows and it flows forward. It never comes back for you. Once you have grown old, you’re never going to go back. Every second counts. So start managing your time better. It’s not as hard as you think it is!

8. It’s not always going to be the way we think it will be

You may plan however way you want your life to go for you, but life is uncertain. However well you plan it, it may just go to waste. That’s okay – we learn and we pick up ourselves and move on.

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9. It’s not money but time that’s precious

Money is necessary. I’m not denying that but what is more important is time. Managing time and not wasting it in playfulness will help you with doing what you wished to achieve. And that’s happiness.

10. Don’t try to make everybody happy

Nobody can make everybody happy. You’ll always have someone who’ll criticize you, and someone will always try to stop you from doing what you had always wanted to do. Try to be happy yourself. Those who value you will be happy with your happiness.

11. To live comfortably, be productive

You can’t live life without a purpose. You must have a goal to pursue that will lend your life a meaning. To live in comfort, be productive and do everything to reach that goal.

12. Stop existing, start living

There’s a difference between existing and living. Living is experiencing. We are unfortunately pushed into a rat race early on in our lives. While competing in this race, we often forget to experience life. Stop for a while and look around you. Experience life for once – you’ll definitely start living more and get away from mere existence.

13. Happiness is when you do something for others

Are you really happy? Look within yourself and think: if you are happy, who made you happy? What has made you this happy? When was the last time you found yourself this way? Do you remember what actions led you into this happiness? These are important questions. Find your answers, for that will help you understand how much happiness is related to your actions unto others as much as their actions unto you.

We are all connected. Yet life is hard and it can be painful sometimes. But equipped with these truths, you can tackle life as it comes, however painful it turns out to be.

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