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12 Things That Destroy a First Impression Instantly

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12 Things That Destroy a First Impression Instantly

First impression is the last impression’, a word of advice you’ve probably come across several times. Whether it’s a formal or an informal meeting, the impression that you create leaves an imprint in the minds of all.

It doesn’t really take you more than a few minutes to create an impression before others. People expect you to create a proper impression by presenting yourself in the best possible way you can. Ruining your first impression can cost you a job or a friend or even a life partner.

Here are some tips that might prevent you from presenting yourself as someone cheeky or impudent after the first meeting:

1. Always Go For A Firm Handshake

Weak handshakes can portray you as a shy or careless person who also lacks self-confidence. Try to have a firm handshake which isn’t too long. Holding someone’s hand for long, is another common mistake people tend to make.  The handshake shouldn’t be for more than two-three seconds.

2. Place Your Hands In The Correct Position

If you’re going for an interview, remember to sit straight without fidgeting with your hands. Place your hands on the table, do not play with your fingers or squeeze your hands. Try not to keep your hands inside your pockets.

3. Don’t Talk With A Chewing Gum

Chewing a gum while talking makes you look arrogant and childish. It is a big no, when you are going to an interview or talking to your elders. However, doing it occasionally means no harm.

4. Don’t Avoid Eye Contact

You appear to be more confident when you make eye-contact while talking to the person in front of you. Avoiding eye-contact makes you look dumb and less attentive. People avoid eye-contact when they tend to lie or trying to hide something.

5. Don’t Let You Hair Twirl

Women are in a habit of playing with their hair hundred times a day. However, doing it while having a serious conversation makes you look disinterested and leads to an uncomfortable situation for all. It also shows that you are interested in flirting with the person you’re talking to. Playing with your hair more than required is a symptom of obsession.

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6. Have Interesting Things To Talk About

Having a proper conversation includes an interesting topic, listening to what the other person has to say, and speaking in a confident manner. Avoid jabbering. Try not to focus on just what you have to say. Listen carefully and speak properly. Avoid talking about things that makes a first conversation uncomfortable.

7. Appreciate Privacy

Do not invade the personal space of the person you are talking to. Do not stand too close to the other person which might lead to discomfiture. You may seem to be aggressive. Standing too far shows that you are not interested in having a conversation. Maintain a proper distance between your partner and yourself.

8. Avoid Creating A Ruckus

Clicking your tongue, tapping your foot, cracking your knuckles are certain habits you should avoid. They tend to distract people around you and certainly do not give a good impression of you. It makes you look nervous and impatient. Cracking of knuckles may relieve you of stress but they create annoying noise and is also not good for your knuckles.

9. Don’t Check Your Phone All The Time

Checking the time or your phone while having a conversation with someone seems to be rude and impolite. It shows that you are bored of the conversation and want to leave as soon as possible. It is also distracting for the person who is trying to spark up a conversation.

10. Remember Names

Try to remember the names of the people you are addressing. Forgetting their names can be embarrassing for you, as well as annoying for the other person. If you want to show that you are interested in talking to the person, do not forget his/her name.

11. Punctuality Is The Key

People who are generally late create a very wrong impression of themselves. They neither realize the importance of time, nor do they appreciate the value of others’ time. If you are punctual, you do not need to rush and you show your interest in the work you are supposed to do. Being late shows lack of adherence.

12. Dress Smartly

You can always judge someone by the way they present themselves. Try to be dressed up in a refined and a smart manner. Do not overdress or under-dress. Dressing in the correct manner, which suits the time and situation, creates a positive impression on everyone. The way you dress often shows your lifestyle and taste.

Image was taken from Aidan Jones/Wikipedia

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