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6 Reasons Why Empaths Freeze around Fake People

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6 Reasons Why Empaths Freeze around Fake People

Imagine you are Superman and have X-ray vision. But, imagine that, thanks to your powers, all you see around you are thieves and liars and cheaters, and maybe some of these people are even friends or family. You would probably loathe your powers and you would probably wish you were dead.

Well, that is close to what an empath feels when he/she looks around the world and all its denizens.

Empaths have the power to see other’s feelings as if they were their own. This makes them amazing at reading people and their personalities.

Now sadly, the world we live in is one that takes physical appearances more seriously than personality, and even knowledge. As a result, most people create for themselves a persona, much like a mask to wear. They wear this mask everywhere and make sure no one sees them without it.

This is the mask of conforming. They cull their own unique personalities and ideals to be someone they aren’t, receiving acceptance and approval in return. But does the true personality truly die in people? No, it doesn’t. It gets repressed and it gets more and more pent up, coming out in weird forms in dreams and visions, tormenting people to do awful things, like bullying for example.

Life becomes a struggle, a daily one.

Empaths can totally see through all this though. This is because they thrive on helping others to get through their pain. But the people I spoke about, the ones who wear masks just so they would have a few more friends, do not want to be helped. They think this temporary joy and social circle would be enough for them.

And hence, the whole conundrum.

Empaths cannot stand people like these. But they are obviously more common than real ones or even empaths like them. The most common thing that happens when there is an interface between the two types of people is that the empath really just freezes up.

They get even more awkward and they fumble or simply leave, making a fool out of themselves.

Why does this happen?

Here are six reasons that might make sense:

1. Waste of energy

Every time the empath uses his powers, he expends quite a lot of energy. The satisfaction that comes with helping others makes it worth their time and energy. They usually end up happier than before, despite the tiredness.

But when it comes to these fake people, unmasking them is something they can do in the click of a button, but since they do not want to be helped, the struggle has nowhere to come out of and the results are bad for the empath.

2. Empaths are the most real people out there

And fire and ice never make things good. Empaths are true to a fault; they are honest and they are more often than not really awkward, or eccentric.

And they are selfless. You can talk to them without interruptions or them judging you because they know they are there to help and nothing more.

So, when the forced interaction happens, it is too awkward for the fake person, while it is plain painful for the empath.

3. Empaths are insecure

Of picking up the habit. Because their fundamental ability is to feel, so there is a small chance of an empath being carried away in this orgy of conforming.

Hence the empath tries even harder to zone out, to block these influences out of their lives. But, the essence of empathy is really openness; so in a way they have to curb their better instincts, which again is really painful for them.

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4. It is meaningless for the empath

People with genuine problems give empaths something real to uncover. When it comes to someone shallow and fake, the prize at the end of the tunnel is something that is not worth it at all.

And this troubles the empath, the not understanding the reason behind this masking of the self.

5. Empaths get really angry

Because of the sheer frustration that arises from this situation. They end up having no one to vent out on, because they are the person people go to vent out on. This makes them upset and annoyed and, in worst cases, really angry.

6. Empaths get triggered

By the sheer difference between themselves and the lion’s share of society, this ends up saddening them very deeply. This is why they withdraw even more.

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