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Never Do These 4 Things If You Want To Make A Good Impression


Never Do These 4 Things If You Want To Make A Good Impression

Do you want to impress your future boss, your date, a friend or anyone for that matter?

You want to make a great deal out of that first impression because as the saying goes, first impression is the last impression. Now a research done on what is known as impression management says that people are “quite skilled at presenting themselves to others in a positive light.” 

Follows these 4 things if you really want to make others see you in a positive light:

1. Too much Pride

If you are someone who believes in ostentatious behavior then you should know that such a thing doesn’t make a good impression on others. You might think that your haughty attitude will make you look good in front of others but actually it creates a negative impression in their minds. If you indulge in self-enhancing practices by degrading others, it creates hostility in others. If you indulge in self-enhancing practices with the right kind of outlook, then it may be received in a better light.

For instance if you say, “I am the best person to be friends with than most people” then everyone will see you as proud and unappealing. But if you say, “I could prove to be a good friend” then people will not be put off as they did before.

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2. Too much humblebragging

You must be wondering what is humble bragging. It is a form of bragging that is disguised as complaining or humility. If you appear to be humble, you can draw attention to your positive attributes in a manner that is seemingly inoffensive. But this could lead to a questioning of the sincerity of a person which might lead to the formation of a negative impression. The aspect of genuineness is not factored in by the humble braggart. People who are complain or brag are much better than humble bragging people because their insincerity is at least out in the open than of those who do it with a mask of genuineness.

3. Too much Hypocrisy

Well, practice what you preach is something that we all have heard. Hypocrites are those who do not follow this at all! They say something but they do not follow it up themselves. They will create a certain image of themselves but they would fail to actually fill in the image. Most of the hypocrisy can be seen around the issues concerning morality. Whether a person is a real hypocrite or not, you can find this out by observing their attitude towards moral issues in life.

A person could remain a secret hypocrite if his deviant behavior is not revealed to others. He could secretly engage in activities that s/he condemns all the while making himself look like the best person on earth. Who is the worse then, those who know that they are hypocrites or those who don’t?

4. Giving backhanded compliments

A backhanded compliment is an insult sugar coated as a compliment, where the person giving the compliment is actually being condescending. The best example to give is, “I didn’t expect you to do so well on that on the exam. That’s great.” Now this is something where you don’t know whether to thank them or to be offended.

Backhanded compliments show how insincere you are about others and how insecure you are as a person. If you can’t make genuine praises or compliments then don’t say anything at all. Mere flattery is just disgusting on your part and makes you look unappealing. While genuine praise can do such wonders. It will also in return make you gain respect of others.

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