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12 Traits You Belong to the World’s Rarest Personality Type


12 Traits You Belong to the World’s Rarest Personality Type

Only 2% percent of the population across the world has the personality type known as the INFJ personality type.

Have you always felt that you’re different from the rest? You haven’t really come across a lot of people who understand you. That might be because you belong to the world’s rarest personality type – the INFJs, which is shared by only 2 percent of the entire population. Labelled as “the Advocate”, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa have all been INFJs. And if you’re one, you’re just as special!

Two psychologists developed the Myers and Briggs system from Carl Jung’s psychoanalyst theories where they classified personality types by initially breaking down the personality traits into 4 distinct categories: extroversion v/s introversion, sensing v/s intuition, thinking v/s feeling and judging v/s perceiving. This system uses the criteria provided to perceive the category one’s personality favors most. For an INFJ, his personality tilts towards Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging.

Such people can be hard to spot but if you know the following traits, you can easily spot them:

1. They are future conscious

People with INFJ personality are not concerned with trivial issues. They always look at the bigger picture and do not get disheartened by challenges. If something will not give them the desired results, they will find another way to make it work.

2. Hardworking people

These people do not shy away from hard work. They know that if they have to achieve something in life then they have to work for it because nothing comes for free in life. Giving their 100% is their most defining trait.

3. They believe in gut feeling

They are highly intuitive people who trust their gut feelings. They have a feeling if something is working out or not for them. They also know when something is about go down in their life.

4. They seek the truth

They believe in the mystery of the universe and would love to engage themselves with the cosmos. They try to find out a deeper meaning in the universal patterns.

5. Small groups

They do not like to engage with big groups of people. Also, if you don’t agree with them or put them in conflict, they might cut you out of their life.

6. They are empathetic

They are extremely generous towards others and would comfort you on your bad days. They are always ready to provide a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. You can count on them for emotional support!

7. People readers

Along with high emotional energy, they can also read people by observing them. They can see through people’s intentions which make them aware of any malevolent person in their social circle.

8. They are loners

They often feel lonely because they are not like the rest of the people. You can see them hanging out by themselves in a room full of people. Sometimes, they also like it this way.

9. Contradictions are inherent in them

They can go between the two extremes very quickly and very suddenly. This makes them hard to keep a track of and to gauge their mood is quite difficult. Their INFJ personality is the reason behind their contradictory nature.

10. All or nothing

They believe in quality over quantity and if you can’t give your best then you might as well not give anything at all.

11. They can make connections

They are good, very good actually, at making connections. They connect the dots and mostly they are right. If you are having trouble figuring something out, go seek help from an INFJ person.

12. They like to write

INFJ people mostly like writing over any other thing. They dislike talking too much and rather spend their time writing what they want. It is a great way to bring themselves some moments of peace.

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