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5 Signs You Might Really Be Dating a Man-Child


5 Signs You Might Really Be Dating a Man-Child

It is generally said that girls grow up faster than boys, and somehow we take this to be the gospel truth. But maturity is not exclusive to women. A man who refuses to grow up and take responsibility is bad investment as far as dating and marriage are concerned.

If the woman has to run after him and do things for him just because ‘oh he has not really grown up yet, he will learn in time’, then what is the point of entering such a relationship?

Honestly, if you have to run after him and make sure he does the bare minimum, drop him immediately. Women are not meant to mother the men that they are with.

If you are unsure if your man is actually a man child or not, look for these five signs:

1. You are always picking up after him

This is not to be confused with taking care of someone you love. Sure, when we love someone, we take care of them and look after them but, if you are picking up his clothes after he showers, doing his laundry, cooking his food, and even taking care of his responsibilities towards his own family, chances are that the man you are in love with has not quite grown up.

If you find that you have to help him out even in situations that concern his profession, it would probably be better for you to bid him farewell and find someone else who knows how to take care of himself. You might not think so but you can do way better.

2. He gets nervous when you talk about children or the future

When we date someone, we date them because we see a future with them, or just a possibility of it, and sometimes we even talk about it. So if your boyfriend gets really panicky whenever you talk about the future or both of you having children together even after a long time of being together, chances are that he is commitment phobic, which basically translates to him being a ‘manchild’.

I do not mean to say that a man should be completely prepared to have children with you as soon as possible but he, at least, should not be freaking out if you bring the subject up.

3. You find yourself nagging him all the time

If you really think about it, what is nagging, really? Your mum used to ‘nag’ you when you were a teenager and she was trying to teach you your responsibilities. If you find yourself feeling the need to constantly nag the man you are dating, to make sure he does the bare minimum, is he really a grown up? Does he recognize his responsibilities? It is probably because of his nonchalant behavior that you have to ‘nag’ him to do the simplest of things to remain a functional adult.

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4. He cannot have a conversation

All he can do is giggle and talk about that ‘one time’ he did something or the other.

5. His friends, jokes, and interests scream ‘middle school’

There is nothing wrong with partying like middle school every once in a blue moon and indulging in some juvenile jokes when we get together with our friends but, if that is your boyfriend’s personality, you have a manchild on your hands and there is no denying it.

If he makes you feel like you have to teach him how he has to talk in front of other people, he basically thinks of you as his mother and expects to be taken care of, which is weird, to say the absolute least. No one wants to be judgmental, but it is pretty difficult to plan your life with someone who has not grown out of the middle school state of mind.

Dating is difficult, but do not settle for someone who does not bring out the best in you. We often deal with things that we do not deserve to deal with only because we are scared to be alone, but to be honest, a life alone is better than a life filled with compromises and stresses that can be easily avoided.

Any independent woman of the 21st century can do much better than being with a manchild of any kind.

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