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18 Signs A Man Wants Serious Relationship With You


18 Signs A Man Wants Serious Relationship With You

Whenever we feel like we are in love with somebody, we are tormented by questions regarding the longevity of the probable relationship. To be very honest, sometimes we are even unsure whether the person really likes us or not.

However, we have been doing it wrong the whole time. There’s absolutely no need to live with such disturbing indecisions.

Below are 18 significant signs which show that the guy you love really loves you back. 

1. Transparency

Sincere love always inspires honesty. If a man sincerely loves you and wants to be with you, he will be frank in his communications with you. If not, then it’s more likely to be a waste of time.

2. Depth

Any man who is thinking of having a long term relationship with you would obviously want to know more about you. Consequently, he never tires of speaking with you and wants to explore your mental depths.

3. Exclusiveness

He would be absolutely crystal clear about how he sees the relationship between the two of you. He would never leave you in a state of uncertainty and, on the contrary, would want to have an exclusive relationship with you.

4. Promises are kept

Caring about your feelings as he would, he would always keep the promises that he made to you. He’ll tell you clearly if something is not possible for him but would never disappoint you with false promises.

5. You are his priority

In a way, this comes with keeping promises. He is really concerned about your feelings and he also loves being with you. So, in his life, he would put you in a position which is above most other things, if not all.

6. Actions speak for his thoughts

You’ll know that he really means the things that he says to you only when you see them being reflected in his actions. If a man is sincere about his love, this is bound to be true and his actions will inevitably speak for all his thoughts about you.

7. Stability

A man who already found the much-needed stability in his life is more likely to look for similar stability in his relationships. His stable life proves the fact that he has been attentive about essential things and he would do the same with you.

8. Respectful

He would always respect the fact that you are capable enough of having your own opinions on serious matters. As a result, he would be more than willing to consider your perspective on things.

9. Friends and family

If the man makes sure that you have a good enough relationship with his friends and family, he is pretty sincere about his love for you. You’ll not only know them but would also be spending time with them. 

10. Cares about his self-image

A man who sincerely loves you cares about what other people think of him. In particular, he cares about what people who are close to you, think about him.

11. Future plans

Whenever he makes any plans for the future, he will always make them for the two of you. Also, his plans would indeed be concrete and motivated enough. He would not just vaguely speak about things that he wants to do.

12. He is happy if you are

Your happiness matters a lot to a person who truly wants to be with you. So, he would always try to do things that make you happy and, in turn, he will find his happiness in them.

13. Keeps you informed

He informs you about all his plans as soon as it is possible for him to do so. This includes not only the major decisions but also the more trivial ones.

14. Makes time for you

A true lover is bound to love spending time with you. As a result, he would do his best to be able to spend as much time with you as he possibly can.

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15. Knows his limits

Each one of us has our boundaries, inside which we wouldn’t allow anybody. He fully respects this boundary of yours and would never cross it.

16. Shares his favourites

As he loves you from the core of his heart, he wouldn’t hesitate to share his most loved things with you.

17. It is easy for him

His behavior towards you comes to him easily and he doesn’t have to put any conscious efforts behind them.

18. Explicit

After all, if a person truly wants to be with you, it cannot be hidden for long. With a little time together, it, in fact, becomes evident.

So, now that you can do away with the uncertainties, I’m sure you’d have a more fulfilling relationship than ever before.

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