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7 Things Someone Who Loves You To The Moon And Back Would Do Unknowingly (Backed By Experts)


7 Things Someone Who Loves You To The Moon And Back Would Do Unknowingly (Backed By Experts)

It was love; love alone
Caused King Edward to leave his throne
It was love, love, love, love, love alone
Caused King Edward to leave his throne.

(Love, love, love alone by Harry Belafonte)

Love is one of the things that made humanity what it is and is possibly the only thing that is getting things done today in the world. While there is war and there is violence at some corners of the world, there are two people pledging to see each other through thick and thin just because they love each other.

It is extremely rare, love, and many sad souls in the world live out their entire lives without having called someone their beloved.

Those who do find ‘the one’, well, let’s say life is a cakewalk for them.

And it is hard finding them, with people getting distracted or simply bored, thanks to human nature which makes them thrive on moving on from pasture to pasture.

So how do you know if he is truly the right one?

Well, they would be different from the ones you have gone out with before, of course, but how different?

Knowingly, or unknowingly, they will do the following seven things to or for you:

1. Accepting your fears, anxieties, and flaws

Because true love is about completion, about fulfilment, and not about partial acceptance whenever it suits a person’s selfish demands.

People are made of their fears as much as their strengths. So, if someone truly loves you and sees a meaningful future with you, you obviously will be accepted for the person you are on a whole and not as a particular kind of person who ‘is fun at parties and a beast under the sheets.’

You will finally be urged to come out with your entire personality to show.

2. They remember the tiniest things about you

Like the color of M&Ms you like, or the old pair of jeans you stashed away somewhere as a trophy, one that you still fit in and that makes you happy.

This is because that small smile on your face makes them braver when it comes to facing the vagaries of life.

3. They are always in touch

In a non-clingy and very supportive way. When they can’t be there for you physically, they will send you a pizza, that kind of staying in touch. 

This will make you feel safe, hopefully enough to fully reciprocate the intensity of their feelings; and we are talking about meaning every kiss emoji they send you.

4. You don’t need to tell them what’s wrong

The matter at hand, whatever is bothering you, will be visible on your face, or in the slightest change of tone in your voice. They will have an intuition strong enough to pick up on these.

They will simply know and you know for a fact that they are just one text away or one phone call at most.

And don’t think their empathy is conceited: they are just as kind to everyone else, especially to people or things that can’t face up to them, e.g. animals and say, hotel stewards.

5. They strive to be better for you

As much as this includes profound things like enriching their knowledge, it also includes simple things like listening to the music you love so that you guys have better conversations next time. Someone who truly loves you will make sure to nurture shared interests between you two, so that conversations never cease.

Pro tip: do this yourself, if you think they are the one for you too.

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6. You can share silence between you two

To quote one of my favorite films:

“‎That’s when you know you’ve found somebody really special. When you can just shut the f*** up for a minute and comfortably share silence.

You don’t need trills in your love to make it more interesting. After all, even too many sprinkles can make a pudding bad. Sometimes quiet vanilla is just the way to go, and they will understand this fact of life very well.

7. They know the future is not going to be easy, but it doesn’t daunt them

The simple reason behind this is, they love life with you. They are sure that one day, all your difficulties will be lessons you learn from to live better.

In case you are wondering, no this is not a manual that you use to weigh your date next time. When the time is ripe and the person proverbial, you will simply know.

Featured Image Source: Konrad Bak ©

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