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Here’s How To Spot The Real Man For You (After Physical Appearance Fades)


Here’s How To Spot The Real Man For You (After Physical Appearance Fades)

Time and again, you might come across men who adore your appearance and leave no stones unturned while appreciating the way you look and present yourself.

Some might also act like a swarm of bees, trying to get you for your appearance that surely entices them. Even if you start a relationship based on physical appearances, how long do you think it could possibly work in a smooth way?

The physical spark has to die out at some point, and it is then when the true identity, devoid of external charm, is left to support the relationship.

Physical intimacy is indeed necessary, but it isn’t the only reason for which you might cling on to your partner. The ones who can actually fall in love with the kind of person you are, your inner reality and not just your pretty face, is a real man.

True love transcends the realm of externalities. It doesn’t mean that there needs to be a balanced equation between physical love and emotional attachment, it might not be equal at times. However, the best bond is possible only when the amount of love and attachment towards the inner self is more than the outer presentation. Being contended with just her looks is not the deal with real men.

Men who value true love would never prioritize external beauty over what is inside. At the end of the day, a relationship which is meant for a lifetime will witness the fading away of pretty appearance, leaving behind the soul to be loved and cared for. Real men try to create a connection with a woman’s soul whose charm and beauty is everlasting. This clearly signifies that women with inner beauty and personality, greater than their good looks, are indeed worth every single ounce of love and affection.

Men who fall for looks are the ones who objectify women and see them as tools for fulfillment of their pleasures. Love that is restricted to sexual and carnal needs is never true love. This nowhere falls within the domain of pure, platonic love. For such men, the love exists till there is physical attraction only. Such relationships could also turn out to be abusive because the woman is not actually valued here. It is only her body that matters. No woman on earth, deserves such a fake and short-lived love.

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Women deserve true men who care about them, for they can see beyond the garb of physical appearances. Immature men can never really comprehend such strong bonds of love which is based on the importance of the person and not her looks. Men who are shallow will find the relationship interesting only when there is a physical spark which, when it loses its charm, becomes old and rotten.

Real men are not rash while taking decisions related to love, for they know what true commitment means. They love their ladies with a stable and consistent flow of affection and care. They wouldn’t woo any random girl and would only rely on the ones who have a sense of responsibility and certainty towards their partners.

Physical flaws never really affect real men, for their concern is not regarding how fair the skin is or how tall or obese she is. Men who look for these in a woman are the ones who suffer from personal insecurities.

It is necessary for both the sexes to realize that neither of them are a part of Victoria’s secret models or Calvin Klein models. They do not have to fit into the set standards of beauty, for the thing that is worth a true shot is that which lies within the mind and soul. The love that is ensured by a real man is genuine and ever-lasting without traces of selfish motives. It stands the test of time and proves its authenticity.

You realize the love of the person through their actions, which also ensures how good and reliable he is and will never take the lady-love for granted.  He looks at his love as his inspiration who motivates him to turn into a better person, every single day. If women are looking out for men like them, all that is needed is patience and belief that such men exist and will meet you in the most unexpected way. You need to identify that one true man for yourself among all the other bunch of immature men.

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