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7 Personality Traits Of Alpha Women That Make Them Irresistible To Men


7 Personality Traits Of Alpha Women That Make Them Irresistible To Men

Looks are not going to make your man addicted to you. In the course of time, our looks fade, and even if they don’t, we get used to it.

What can make you really irresistible is your ability to love yourself and to have high self-confidence.

Men are addicted to high-value alpha women who aren’t eager for love and take it as a lucky circumstance.

These are some of the ways in which you can make a man your addicted lover: 

1. No agenda

A woman of high-value does not have any hidden agenda when they date. While they may be idealistic, they do not build their emotions and aspirations along that line. They try not to make castles in the air. They don’t start off with dating with the idea that of how amazing they would look in their wedding dresses!

2. Be in the present

Many women have the tendency to overanalyze aspects and get worried over little things. Not so for irresistible women. They like to be in the present and take life as it comes. They accept what their man gives to them at face-value, without analyzing what it might mean. And when you have this rare quality of enjoying life as it comes, you become irresistible to your man. They become interested in your be-in-the-present aura and want to be a part of it.

3. Stay a mystery

We are mysterious and that’s what makes men come to us. They like to be the detective unravelling every bit our mysterious selves. Preserve that mystery and don’t let it go loose. Remember, men are chasers. They love a woman who would listen to them and bring a balance in their lives. Plus, she should be able to keep layers of mystery around her. When your man slowly starts peeling each of these layers, they will be excited by the new discovery.

4. A high-value woman is not addicted to the idea of love

A high-value woman knows her worth. She is not addicted to the idea of love. Love does not define her. Actually, she knows how to enjoy her life and whatever that brings. As a result, she does not cling to any man just to give some value to her life. She knows she has a choice and this freedom empowers her to choose the right person for herself. Settling for anything less doesn’t really sit well with her.

5. They don’t have a Cinderella Complex

There are many women who want to have a prince or a knight in shining armor to come and save them from their lives. A high-value woman does not require any savior. She is her own savior and she is satisfied. She will accept the right kind of love which comes to her at the right moment – she doesn’t wait for it eagerly to sweep her off her feet to some dreamland.

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6. They have high self-confidence

She knows that she is vulnerable but that doesn’t mean it will affect her confidence level. Women of high-value are independent and don’t want any man to help them with their own problems. If a man seems distant, they would allow him the space he requires. However, she would be honest enough to confess that she has missed him during those times. She knows how to respect what her man wants and doesn’t get angry with his choices. Similarly, she would want her own wishes to be respected. If she wants some me-time, she would not want her man to interfere.

7. They do not cling to their partners

Since high-value women are not addicted to the concept of love and do not need a man to give value to their lives, it naturally follows that they do not cling to their partners. If the relationship isn’t working out and their partners leave, they would not be following them and begging them to come back. They do not go through the social media activities of their former partner or set spies on them. They know that when it is over, it is over and that there is no reason to get clingy.

It’s all very simple. A high-value woman knows that she is valuable. She loves herself and doesn’t need anyone to define who she is.

It is quite obvious that men, who are born as natural pursuers, would be addicted to such a woman who knows herself and loves who she is. So, start loving yourself and be the best version of you.

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