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Here’s How To Instantly Boost Your Attractiveness to High-Quality Men


Here’s How To Instantly Boost Your Attractiveness to High-Quality Men

This is one for the grandchildren:

How do you manage to find a man who is of good stead and still end up not sacrificing any of the values you stand for?

Well, first up, let us delineate the worlds of men and women for a minute and this is important. This isn’t about equality and liberty and emancipation – believe us, we are all for equality. But the crux of the matter is: for centuries, men and women have been given different worlds to live in, have been taught different roles and given separate identifying markers to know themselves.

Men have always been favored over women, given more executive and acting roles which required them to venture out, while women were continuously relegated, confined, and restricted under veils of fabric or concrete or rituals.

Hence the entire need for this generation of women to be more and more free-minded and spirited. Hence the need for feminist values and a general sense of striving towards a future that brings the two halves of our world together, in a coexisting harmony.

So it begs the question: is it indeed possible to be with a guy, one of strong opinions and a stronger character, and still stand for whatever you believe as an independent, feminist woman?

Well, we will take the optimistic way out and say yes!

The secret ironically lies in your own sense of ideal and feminism itself.

The only way to bring the two worlds together is to make people introspect into their own identities by themselves.

As a man, the biggest so-called ‘turn-on’ would be someone who bridges the gap between the artistic and the controlling, the outward-facing and the inward-facing: that is, a woman of confidence, a woman who is in touch with her own femininity and, at the same time, is able enough to take charge of her own life.

This confidence is something that cannot be taught, nor can it be learned. Instead, it is something that one must find in their own minds and souls.

First up, you must stand up for what you believe in. Yes, love and relationships demand a lot of sacrifices down the line, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing the ideals and principles that make you the person that you are.

At the same time, something that this comfort and decisiveness translates to is the comfort you feel under your own skin. If you live according to the principles of emancipation and freedom and don’t feel the same in your own body and mind, it is a half-life, measure by measure, don’t you think?

Among the many ways this is done is by self-enriching. You can do it by taking care of your body better, by reading, getting to know the world better, watching life-changing films and trying your own hand at any art-form that pleases you.

This self-enrichment will be something that makes you closer to the stereotypical world of men (not that we endorse this view but it is the way it is), which will, in turn, make you a more attractive choice for a life partner.

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Another thing, and this is something very subtle, in case you think you have found a man who is kind of the one you were looking for. Sparks are flying and Cupid is right there with his quiver.

What you should do is continue to bolster your relationship by nurturing and watering whatever connections and interests you two share. That gives rise to even more special moments when the two of you are together.

The last, and probably most important, because no one will tell you this, is to actually try hard to find yourself desirable and attractive.

Love depends on intimacy and sexual nearness a lot, and both of those things help people adjust and find a middle ground in many hard relationships.

So try and nurture that aspect of your personality too. Try and find things that please you in bed and find compatible middle grounds in which both of you can be pleasured.

Finally, in conclusion, learn to love yourself a bit more than you do now. That is what does wonders to your general air and appeal, making you organically far more attractive to the opposite sex than anything else.

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