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Every Man Desperately Wants These 7 Things In A Relationship


Every Man Desperately Wants These 7 Things In A Relationship

A relationship needs to be fulfilling for all the parties involved; otherwise, it starts to get sour after a point.

The tricky part of this is something we all know – men do not talk about their feelings a lot, which often means that we do not really know what they want.

If you are confused about what your boyfriend really wants from your relationship, keep reading to find out about the 7 things that he wants but will never tell you to your face:

1. He really wants you to be happy

He might not be very vocal about how much he wants this, but be assured that he wants you to be happy pretty badly. Chances are that, when you are unhappy, he is wracking his brains to understand why and trying to make things better for you so that you can be happy again. For him, his world stops when you stop smiling. So when you are unhappy and see him freaking out, do him a favor and tell him what is bothering you.

2. He wants you to find interest in his interests

There is nothing that makes a guy happier than his girl getting excited about the things that he gets excited about. Say, he likes sports but you do not, (pardon the stereotyping, but it’s the easiest example). If you keep up with the news and sit with him to watch sports, you will make him a very happy man! He will find a connection and level of comfort with you which will make him spend a lot of time with you.

3. He wants you to make the first move

Look, he probably loves making the first move and why should he not? But sometimes, it really rocks their world when you are the one leading him in bed. It is how you let him know that you want him in every possible way. He is going to feel loved and needed when you push his buttons when, suppose he has had a bad day and you want to make it better. He might not show it, but he also has insecurities and, when you show him how much you want him, he is going to feel a lot better about himself.

4. He wants validation

It might be hard to believe, thanks to our culture, but men need to be told how amazing they are as well, especially by the person that they are with. It is not that hard, either. All you have to do is, take a moment and compliment him on how great his fashion sense is or how hot he looks with his new hairstyle! When he smiles and takes your compliment, you are going to feel pretty great too. A relationship is greatly improved upon when the two people genuinely appreciate one another.

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5. Give him his me-time without him asking

Thanks to pop culture, men think that their girlfriends want to spend every waking moment with them and this often leads to them getting frustrated. So the next time, let them know it’s not true and that is not how girls work. Next time when you go out clubbing with your girlfriends, tell him to go hang out with his mates! He knows he needs some time to just chill and talk about stuff that he does not talk to you about.

6. He wants you to have faith in him

Love is a wonderful thing because it ensures two people will always have a lot of faith in each other, no matter what. You do not know how much you are hurting your man if all you can do is find faults in him. He needs you to have faith in him and show him that you believe in him and that you think he can do whatever he sets his mind to. If the person who is in love with him does not show confidence in him, how is he going to feel loved?

7. He wants you to respect him

Well, he wants to feel like he matters and has some influence over the decisions you take. So, take his preferences and opinions in consideration and talk to him about things that are important. Give his feelings the respect that you think your feelings deserve. He is the person you are sharing your life with, so the little things that he does for you, they deserve your respect as well as your appreciation.

If you already have a partner in your life, take note of these points and witness how happy your man becomes!

7 Things Men Want But Don’t Ask For | Relationship Advice For Women by Mat Boggs:

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