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4 Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship But Is Scared To Admit It


4 Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship But Is Scared To Admit It

Men can be less expressive, most of the times, as compared to women. However, there can be some very crucial times when he actually needs to speak up if he wants a truly committed relationship with you.

You might have had experiences of certain situations where you are put in a fix as to whether the relationship is simply casual or is something that could possibly turn serious. It might seem weird at times to ask him right away whether he is into serious stuff or not. 

Some believe the safest option is to go with the flow while carefully observing the advances they make towards you. However, it is better to speak up instead of wasting time in identifying and realizing signs. It takes courage and some genuine balls to actually put forward such a question before the guy, but to have things get sorted out, this is a necessary step. 

At times, it is the men that are afraid to bring up the subject beforehand, and would possibly not deny answering it when brought up. It could be due to his inability to perceive your emotions that bars him from discussing it.

However, listed here are a few signs that are symbolic of the committed relationship he wants with you:

1. He will keep on pursuing you

It is important to remember that this consistent persuasion is not creepy. The guy would pursue you over and over again if he is serious about you. He will try to stay solely focused on you. If such a thing doesn’t happen and it’s you who is looking out for the guy every now and then, then probably this relationship isn’t for you. He is simply not looking forward to anything serious, for, had he been the one wanting it, he would always be there right beside you. 

2. The relationship is progressive

If the relationship seems to have become stuck at a particular point, then there is a probability of it not being a serious one. A serious relationship has a tendency to move forward, the first indication being the act of spending long hours with you. He would want to be with you all the seven days of the week and will try to find occasions to do so. Another sign of progression is when he tries to open up about his private life before you without any hesitation. It could simply start with the sharing of the kind of music or food he prefers. 

3. He makes plans in advance

If he is serious about you, he would be willing to take time out of his busy schedule to be with you. He wouldn’t really want you to be seeing other men, so instead, he will make future appointments of dates with you and keep your schedule booked as well. However, if on the first date he is ambiguous about the next meeting, without any conformity, then he is playing up and isn’t ready for a serious thing. 

You shouldn’t be expecting things from such a guy who is probably looking forward to other options. The one who has a serious relationship in mind would want to meet you every single day without delay.

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4. He feels the bliss of tranquility when he is with you

When you are with a guy who is genuinely interested in you and wants things to happen between the both of you, you will automatically feel a kind of peace and happiness when you are around him. You feel comfortable with each other and things seem to fall into their place. Perhaps, the happiest and the most settled couples are the ones who feel comfortable, safe, and easy with each other.

There aren’t many complications between the two of them because you two do not hide things from each other. A relationship that makes you feel claustrophobic is alarming and you must get out of it. Often, a true relationship is hard to destroy because, the both of you are so much into each other, that you do not want silly things to affect it in a negative way. You would prefer the company of each other in times of happiness, as well as in pressing situations. 

Essential P’s of a relationship

The important things to remember when in doubt about the seriousness of the guy are: persuasion, progression, peacefulness, and plans. If your guy does all the four of these then you should be ready for some serious relationship coming your way.

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