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3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Get Noticed by Men


3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Get Noticed by Men

In life, you’re going to come across a lot of wonderful men. But coming across them and actually getting them to pay attention to you are two very different things. The latter can be quite hard but there are certain things you can do to make him sit up and take notice. 

All you need to do is play a little give and take. You are more likely to get something when you give something.

Imagine if you’d wanted to befriend someone but that person didn’t even make a sign that they’d like to do that? You wouldn’t approach them, right? In the same way, when you want a man to give you attention, you need to show him that you are interested. 

Rule 1: Start By Initiating Contact

Most of us are content to sit back and let the guy make his move first. We think that is how relationships should work. While we’ve been conditioned to believe this, the truth is that women are just a lot more subtle in the ways they show their interest. 

Be it acting clumsy and dropping things or simply asking him how he’s doing, women are actually pretty good at this when they want to be. It can be scary, yes, but it is better than sitting around and thinking about ‘what if’s’. 

If you have a way to contact him, drop him a text. It doesn’t have to be anything serious. Ask some easy question like what he’s been up to and see where you can go from there. Or if you meet him in person, approach him and just say hi. 

Rule 2: Meet His Gaze

A man might hold back and let you indicate that you want to be approached before making his move. You don’t have to make an obvious declaration.

Here’s how you can subtly let him know that you’re open to his interest: Let your eyes do the talking.

This is an easy enough trick. Act as if he’s caught you gazing at him but hold his gaze for a second before you drop your eyes. If you look away too quickly, he might think that you are not interested. But, if you keep holding his gaze, he’ll get the hint and come over.

You might feel too shy after a few moments but keep in mind that the reason you’re doing this is because you caught him looking back at you. Just do this till he realizes what is going on. 

But if you don’t think you are up to this, you can try smiling at him before you turn away. This can give him that little push he needs to approach you. Giving him a smile that seems coy and secretive will definitely get the point across.

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Rule 3: Don’t Let The Glass Ceiling Get In Your Way

A lot of the men you meet may be more aware of where you stand in your career than who you are as a person. Be it a person you like at work or a person you met at a conference or anyone you meet through work, there’ll be something holding you back from initiating a more intimate topic of conversation. You’re going to need a battering ram to bring that barrier down. 

He might not make a move because he won’t want you to think that he’s being too forward or is out of line. If you’re getting hints, let him know that you feel the same way. 

Start by asking him to meet up in some place outside of work. If you don’t want to be too obvious, ask him to come along when you go out with your other friends. By inviting him, you are making it clear that you want this to be something more. You can also start talking to him more and initiating conversations of a more personal nature. 

What goes around comes around. You need to put in a little effort if you want to reap rewards. Keep these helpful hints in mind when you next see a guy who catches your eye.

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