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5 Everyday Habits That Reveal The Most Secret Aspects of Your Personality


5 Everyday Habits That Reveal The Most Secret Aspects of Your Personality

Everyone has a routine. There are certain chores we do every day and eventually we don’t even make a conscious effort in doing them. These are the activities that go unnoticed once they become a part of our routine and these are the activities which reveal the most secret aspects of our personality.

In other words, these mundane chores tell a lot more than we can imagine. You only think you know someone until you notice how they go about doing these 5 things in their daily lives!

1. How they eat their food

Eating food seems trivial. I mean, who would think that someone can tell about your personality by noticing how you eat? But they do! The way you eat unveils certain aspects about your character. That being said, if you are a slow eater, it is highly probable that you appreciate your life and you have complete control over it. Taking time to chew food is an indication of your life being calm and just the way you want it to be.

Contrary to slow eaters, if you are someone who eats in a hurry, like the food is running out, you are probably impatient. Also, you expect a lot from your life, implying you’re ambitious and open to new experiences. Even though many people today eat in a hurry because of their busy schedule, these are the people looking for an adventure and an exciting social life!

2. How you drink from a cup

Uh, what? Are you thinking how absurd is it that someone can know about me merely by looking at how I drink my tea or coffee? Well, it isn’t implausible but very true! It is how it works: if you are someone who tends to look into the vessel while drinking, it is an indication of you being troubled. There’s a lot on your mind and you are stressed.

The former doesn’t make the majority. 70% of the people tend to drink while looking at a distance over the cup. If you are among this 70%, you are a carefree person who knows how to stay calm even in the stressful situations. You are also very trustworthy, which only ends up hurting you because you seem gullible but you are smart! You analyze your actions and think about the consequences before acting.

3. How you behave in the bathroom

First thing which popped up in my mind when I got to know about this behavior was: how will someone notice my behavior in the bathroom in order to learn about me? Well, you can!

Recall if you enjoy hot baths. It could be a precursor of you being a harmonious and happy person. It could mean you appreciate peace. While fondness for cold baths may indicate your stubborn personality and how you choose to ignore what you hear if it doesn’t align with your beliefs.

Notice if you brush your teeth while taking a shower. If you do, it is probably you are very competitive and someone who likes to win at everything!

Or are you someone who sings in the shower? The bathroom singers are very sociable people who like to surround themselves with friends and family. They are the nice kind.

Moreover, if you are a perfectionist, your use of loofah or shower sponge will unveil it.

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4. What you do in your leisure time

Do you find yourself reading something when you are free? It is highly probably you are someone looking for an escape from reality, from everyday issues of life. But you are also someone who is very creative and loves to think outside the box!

Or do you prefer watching TV or playing video games? Well, playing video games indicate you are a social person who loves to hang out with closest friends and someone who is very independent. Despite of preferring virtual games, you do love going out and spending time outside of the virtual world!

5. How you hang the toilet paper

Okay, this one’s pretty interesting! It is probably one of the most insubstantial habits you have but it counts a lot! Here’s how it reveals aspects about your personality – If you roll it over, meaning the leaf faces the top, it signifies how you have a charismatic personality with leadership skills. People really admire you and value your opinion.

On the other hand, if the leaf faces down, it shows your submissive personality, how you like to follow people and their commands. You are determined and a little wary. Also, being affectionate doesn’t scare you away!

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