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You Can’t Build A Strong Personality Unless You Develop These 7 Traits


You Can’t Build A Strong Personality Unless You Develop These 7 Traits

What is a strong personality? What is a personality? Who do you call strong? In easiest terms, a collection of various characteristics and traits, which make you stand out from others, make your personality.

If your personality is charismatic, inspiring and appealing to others, you have what is called a strong personality. Your presence matters. You exert a certain degree of authority and dominance wherever you are and that, too, without trying too hard!

The question is, what traits make a strong personality? Well, there are quite a few such traits.

Some believe that people with well-built personalities are naturally born this way. Yes, it is true. However, others who aren’t, they too can develop traits you will commonly find in such influential people.

Some of these characteristics might take longer to become a part of who you are but, with resilience, you will emerge strong! So, here are the 7 traits of a strong personality that you can work on.

1. Self-confidence

The ability to believe in yourself and keep yourself from falling prey to people’s expectations is probably one of the most needed traits of a strong personality. You can never influence others if you doubt yourself. A recent research concluded that self-confident people are higher earners and they tend to become successful much faster as well. You can develop self-confidence by exercising. When you exercise, you experience feelings of control and concentration on your body leading to emotional and physical stability. Also, start taking responsibility for your actions.

2. The ability to say “no”

Yes, it is sweet to want to helping someone but, if you can’t seem to say no, ever, you will be in a position where your kindness will be violated. In fact, this inability to own up to yourself and stand with what you actually believe will make you look like you have low self-esteem. It is crucial you learn to deny people every single request they make. There will surely be someone else who can help them. It doesn’t have to be you. Prioritize your happiness and well-being.

3. Sense of humor

Oh, it is one of the most attractive traits! When you have a sense of humor, the ability to laugh at yourself when needed and to see things from a less grave perspective, life becomes so much easier! It is proven that laughter helps overcome stress, see positivity and communicate better. You need to stop taking everything seriously. Loosen up.

4. Hard-working

You don’t have to work overtime. You just have to work smart. When you start doing a task, stick to it and don’t get distracted by the beeps of your phone or the music you are listening to. Focus on what you need to get done. Switching between tasks only slows you down. Also, maintain a healthy day-time regime. The lesser the distractions, the easier it is to get the work done in time.

5. The ability to read other people

It doesn’t require a lot of extraordinary senses to be able to understand what people are actually up to. You must have been in situations where in the end you realized you have been missing all the clues which would have informed you of the inevitable happening right now. What are these clues? Listen to what people say, pay attention to what they do, notice where are they looking and who makes them smile. It will help you understand their behavior. With practice, you will become a pro at it!

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6. The ability to appeal to people

How is it that some people naturally attract others? It’s like they don’t even have to do something super wonderful and people will still love them. Well, these people have what is called charisma and you can develop it too. All you need to do is learn a few social techniques – making comfortable eye contact, smiling, politely letting others know they have offended you and an ability to listen to others without starting stories about oneself. Oh, and don’t forget to open up when the other is showing interest.

7. The ability to control the reactions of your body

The one who has a sturdy personality is a master at self-control. This person knows how to deal with his own body and emotions. It’s very important. It helps you focus on your goals, remain balanced, restrained and maintain inner peace. When you know what you feel, you know how to deal with it – that’s self-control. Learn to deal with your emotions. It will take you far ahead on your journey to success.

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